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BPMN Tools, Standards and Methodology

At first BPMN and BPMN tools may seem complex. However when understanding the standards and methods, the right tool selection and its use is a breeze.

BPMN or Business Process Modeling Notation is an industry best practice process modeling standard. It is a ‘language’ for documenting process flow chart diagrams.  These are also sometimes referred to as business process maps or models. This language is internationally recognised and its symbols are accessible by way of a BPMN stencil in BPMN tools.

The BPMN “language” ensures that the method of writing process maps is the same for all processes. This is important so that everyone in the organization can easily understand, communicate and share their business processes.   As a result, analysing and modifying how the business currently operates becomes easier. In turn easily improve the operation of the business.

BPMN Tools

There are many basic BPMN tools available. Tools that simply provide a BPMN stencil with little more functionality. This is fine to create a handful of process maps, print these and share manually. However, if your initiative is bigger, you will require a more sophisticated BPMN tool.

It is easy to build an intricate process maps in a short period of time by using a sophisticated business process modeling tool. In addition, tools that have analysis capability provide faster process improvements and better business results.

The PRIME Suite, enables organisations to easily create process maps, analyse processes and identify actionable changes. In turn this boosts business productivity, increase customer value , and trim operational waste.

PRIME comes equipped with the latest v2.0 BPMN stencil and with an array of user guidelines, rules and methods. Share, comment on, and provide process improvement ideas on these process maps via the process collaboration portal. Hence enabling a collaborative business improvement approach.

In addition, within PRIME, you can also trial the business process changes, to achieve the expected benefit before implementing the change in the organization.

More than just a BPMN tool, PRIME has many other features, learn more

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