Process Library

Best Practice Process Library

Use a readymade APQC best practice process library to kick start your initiative or use it as a gap anaysis.

Develop Process Library

Easy drag and drop functionality to create your process library – your hierarchy of business processes.

Assign Process Properties

Simply assign high level process properties from the drop down menus.

Process Prioritisation

Identify which processes require urgent attention based on the prioritisation score.

Process Value Chains

Create value chains to document and analyse end to end business processes.

Process Mapping

Process Map using BPMN 2.0

Use the globally recognised language and latest version of Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) to map your processes.

Roles Repository

Assign roles from the prepopulated Roles Repository to the lanes in your process map to define which tasks are performed by which role.
Process Library

System Repository

Assign Systems from the prepopulated System Repository to the tasks in your process map to define the systems used as part of a task.

Documents Repository

Assign Documents from the prepopulated Document Repository to the tasks in your process map to define the documents used as part of a task.

Link documents to a DMS

Link documents in the process map to the original document in your Document Management System (DMS) or Share point.

Process Mapping guidelines

Use the inbuilt process mapping guidelines to create accurate and consistent process maps.

Controlled Process Editing (Checkout/ Check In)

Ensure only one person at a time edits the process map with the map locking functionality.

Process Version Control

Every version of the process is recorded, detailing the relevant changes made and identity of the person who made the changes.

Process Task Attributes

Business Rules

Capture business rules and assign these against the process.

Key Performance Indicators

Capture KPI details, including the KPI rational and the performance range against the process.


Capture role names against tasks indicating which role is Responsible, Accountable and which role is to be Consulted and Informed in relation to task changes.
Process Compliance


Capture compliance details with due dates and person responsible to achieve compliance.

Task types and time

Capture the type of task (Business Value Add, Customer Value Add, Non Value Add) and time taken to perform the task.

Work Instructions

Against each task capture step-by-step work instructions including screen shots.

Process Analysis

Value Analysis

Understand the percentage value provided by each process to the business and customer. Also understand the percentage of non-value added activities performed by each process.
Time analysis

Time Analysis

Understand how many hours annually are spent performing business, customer and non-value added activities.
Process Library

Cost Analysis

Understand the annual cost incurred to perform business, customer and non-value added activities.

Process Efficiency

Understand and compare your process efficiency with the industry efficiency benchmark.
Process Comparison

Process Comparison

Compare processes from different business areas to identify standardisation opportunities
Version Comparison

Version Comparison

Compare a new version of the process with the old version to understand the changes made and benefits realised.

Process Improvement/Change Management

Process Simulation

Process Simulation

Simulate processes to understand the impact and benefits of each solution before committing to the change.
Improvement Tracking

Improvement Tracking Dashboard

Track the creation and implementation of improvements. See the percentage completion per improvement and check its status: completed, in progress, rejected or approved.
Improvement Approval

Improvement Approvals

Send all improvement ideas for approval prior to initiating the work.
Work Packages

Work Packages and Tasks

Create work packages and tasks to be completed against each approved improvement.
Assign Task

Assign Task

Assign improvement tasks to users.
Track Work

Track work packages and tasks

Track tasks and work package status to understand the progress of percentage completion.


View Process Maps

View process maps and process information

Each employee in the organisation can view process maps and its associated information (as per predefined security permissions).
Suggest Improvements

Suggest improvements

Employees suggest improvements directly against processes.
Export Process

Export process maps to PDF and JPEG

If the recipient does not have a login to PRIME, simply export the process maps to PDF or JPEG to share.
Print Process Maps

Print process maps

Simply print the process map and take it to your next meeting

Process Approval

Serial Or Parallel

Serial or Parallel Process Approval

Send a process to multiple approvers either in parallel or sequentially.
Process Pending Approval

Process pending for approval

View the process which is pending for approval.

Comments on process maps

Make comments against the process map or tasks to request changes.
Process Attributes

Comments on process attributes

Make comments against process attributes such as business rules, KPI, issues, compliance.
Approve Reject Maps

Approve/reject maps and attributes

Select which part of the process are you approving and approve or reject process maps.
Comment Summary

Comment summary

At a glance view all the comments made against a process, task and attributes.
Process Library

Turn on/turn off comments

See the process map with or without comments and make the relevant changes before resubmitting it for approval.
Publish Process

Publish processes

Publish approved processes to the rest of the organisation to view, follow and comment.


Customizable Report

Customisable report template

Report templates can be customised to suit organisational standards.
Customizable Business

Customisable Business process reports

Consolidate all process relevant information and display it in a process report to suit organisational standards.
Reports in PDF Word or Excel

Reports in PDF/Word or Excel

Create a report PDF, Word or Excel format.
Many More Reports

Many more reports

PRIME generates a Simulation Report, Process Improvement Report, Impact Analysis Report and many more…
Customizable Standard

Customisable Business process reports

Consolidates all the work instructions against each task and combines these into a SOP to suit organisational requirements.

Notifications And Alerts

Turn on Notification

Turn on / off notifications:

User can turn on /off the notifications as per organisational needs and policies.
Approval Rejection


When the process is approved or rejected targeted users receive notifications.
Process Audit

Process audit

Set an alert to notify targeted users that a process is due for review.
Process Compliance

Process compliance

Set an alert to notify the responsible person that a compliance matter is due.
Pending Improvement