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Construction companies face unique challenges arising from their various business processes like approval process from various authorities, vendor selection process, financial decision making, determining feasibility, selection and tracking of material, tracking of work progress etc. These processes are highly dependent on various dynamic market scenarios and are also person-dependent.

These processes often face inadequate management, lack of coordination, a lot of manual paperwork, lack of availability of information and lack of monitoring. These bottlenecks make the project inefficient and may cause budgets to overrun.

To increase efficiency and create a focus on the topline, profitable construction companies have used Business Process Management (BPM) and have implemented various IT solutions such as ERP, MIS etc. resulting in more control on their processes and more efficient operations.

What PRIME BPM Can Do For You

  • Process analysis to identify and cut down non-value adding processes that blocks time and resources of the organization.
  • Process mapping using BPMN 2.0 standard
  • Central Process Repository for all process related information in one place
  • RACI Chart and Root cause Analysis (RCA) for accountability and transparency
  • Risk Management
  • End to end process improvement with minimizing waste and improving process efficiency
  • Visualization, collaboration, standardization of processes 

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PRIME, BPM software suite for engineering & construction industry

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