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After the global slowdown, organizations in the manufacturing industry are challenged with increasing the topline, and at the same time trying to keep the cost of production to a minimum.

Faced with a need for eco-friendly innovations, continuous technology changes, an expectation of a consistent multi-channel customer experience and top-notch after sales service, it can be said it is a challenging time for the manufacturing industry.

Add to the mix a global slow down, unpredictable demand and regulatory changes there is no doubt it is quite difficult to keep increasing the topline and keep the costs to a minimum.

If there is any industry that needs to be burning the candle at both ends, it is the manufacturing industry.  By both ends meaning, looking closely at improving the processes associated with increasing the topline and at the same time assessing where in the organization, a cost decrease can be achieved and efficiency can be gained.

Turbulent times, requires business agility.  Business agility is achieved by having transparency and clarity of how the business operates, hence its business processes.  With transparency, quick, well-informed decision can be made and the change implemented and managed.


What PRIME Can Do For You

PRIME offers the manufacturing industry the tools and techniques to achieve:

  • A lean, efficient organization with effective supply chain management
  • A reduction in waste and improved process efficiency via process analysis and process simulation
  • Managed change facilitated by PRIME’s process simulation with What-If analysis and impact analysis
  • Value addition for your customer via Value Stream Mapping
  • Risk management
  • Etc.

PRIME, BPM software suite for manufacturing industry

PRIME Overview

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