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What is BPM?

BPM or Business Process Management is an organizational culture, which continuously thrives to make the organization perform better.

At the core of BPM are the business processes and other organizational attributes such as roles, technology tools, documents, business rules, compliances etc. and how these work together for the common goal of adding value customers and stakeholders.

BPM relies on proven methodologies to reduce waste, increase operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, overall profitability and quick adaptability to change.

What is SaaS?

SaaS or Software as a Service is a software licensing and delivery model under cloud computing.  The software vendor hosts the application in its secured cloud server and makes the application available to the customer via a subscription fee. Users can access the software via the Internet through a standard web browser from anywhere, anytime.

Is our data safe in PRIME cloud server?

Yes. PRIME considers data security one of the most important factors.

PRIME has advanced security practices and protocols in place to protect your data. We engage third party providers to regularly perform penetration testing and we have comprehensive server monitoring in place to ensure 99.9% availability.

In addition, we have comprehensive DR practices in place including daily back-ups of all customer data. We continually invest in architectural and infrastructural changes to improve performance.

How do I get help if I am stuck?

We are just dial away – you can simply call one of our PRIME consultants to help you with any questions you may have on the usage of the tool. Alternatively, you can always email us at with your question.  You can expect a response within 24 hours of your support query.

PRIME also offers online training and consultancy services to undertake the initial tool setup  and/or drive your BPM initiative.

How much does PRIME BPM tools cost?

The PRIME BPM Suite has three editions – PRIME Modeller, PRIME Analyser, PRIME Improver.  Depending on the edition chosen the cost will vary. To obtain a quote for the cost of each edition please contact

Is BPM a methodology or technology?

BPM is a methodology and can actually be done by using pen and paper.  This is of course extremely cumbersome and inefficient hence software has been developed.

The PRIME BPM Suite is an end-to-end BPM tool.  Some software’s in the market only support part of the BPM journey.  PRIME has both the methodology and the technology in the software to complete the end-to-end BPM journey.

The PRIME suite guides you to map processes, analyze the processes and shows you the improvement opportunities. It also tracks process improvement initiatives and links all people, systems and information together.

Is PRIME BPM tool only for mission critical tasks or processes in my organization?

No. BPM helps you improve both critical as well as routine small processes. The fundamental of BPM is to optimize process output and minimize waste and this can be done to any process big or small, complex or routine.

Can we change our subscription type?

Yes you can change your subscription type at any time; we will adjust the billing and will only charge you for the remaining duration for the new subscription. You can upgrade your edition, but not downgrade your edition.

Is the PRIME BPM tool for business people or technical people?

The PRIME BPM suite was built with Business people in mind without losing its technical strength.  The application is very easy to use with a pleasant user interface and logical layout.

How can we start using PRIME in our organization?

PRIME is a cloud based solution, so no installation is required and no o additional or particular software needs to be in place in order to start using PRIME.

Simply go to our website register for a free trial and you will receive your user ID and password. Use your ID and password to log in to PRIME and start enjoying its benefits. The moment you log in – you will get a product tour to ensure you get the maximum from your subscription.

How can I pay for the tool?

You can pay for the tool online using your Credit Card, or simply contact us to process your online payment. Your invoice/receipt is emailed to you and also available in the administration section of the tool.

Alternatively you can raise a Purchase Order and simply process the payment  – your account is then activated.

Which PRIME edition is the right edition for me?

View our webpages to understand the benefits and functionality of each edition. Alternatively call or email us and we will discuss your business requirements with you and help you select the appropriate edition.