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BPM Software – The Journey Of An Idea…

It all started back in 2005 when the first office of PRIME  was set up in Brisbane, Australia. The co-founders Mark and Bernadette had been in the industry for a while.  They found that there was a lot of current state business process mapping done in BPM software tools, but rarely did they witness a meaningful result from the initiative.

Both equipped with strong analytical minds, they set out to create a best of breed business process management methodology that assured results.   PRIME was the fruit of their labor.

The boat started sailing...

PRIME Among Top 100 Fastest Growing Organisations in Australia

 Delivering the PRIME methodology by way of our fixed cost consultancy services helped us diversify our client base and enabled us to grow.

Soon ‘PRIME’ made its way among the ‘Top 100 Fastest Growing Organizations in Australia. It became the preferred supplier of Business Consultancy and Change Management services to Queensland and South Australia Local Government.  PRIME had a track record of delivering business results.

But We Aimed Higher...

During these 10 long years, we came across many BPM software tools.  But with these BPM software tools, our customers were not able to obtain the desired results independently.  Consequently relying on consultants like us to deliver the results.

We sighted many reasons. Most noteworthy was that the BPM software was complex to use.  Therefore only process experts could operate these and this left the business user out.  In addition, the BPM software tool did not drive the user through a methodology to achieve business improvement.  That is, an approach that would drive the improvement journey from start to finish.

To us, this meant that we needed to incorporate the tools and skills we used to deliver true Business Process Management results for our clients, into our own BPM software tool. For all to use!

We needed to design a software that:

  • Meets the needs of business users and process experts
  • Follows an inbuilt methodology
  • Any size organization can use
  • Is an end to end process management solution
  • Delivers real analysis - qualitative and quantitative
  • Is intuitive to use
  • Requires low investment
  • Delivers results
  • Is accessible from anywhere
  • Hence, after many long nights and energy drinks, the idea became a reality - PRIME BPM Software was born...

Our Story

"I specifically found the PRIME© (PRocess In a Managed Environment) methodology highly practical, logical and results driven. It is a methodology that can be applied immediately after learning."

Sam Barrett
Head of Business Process Services at BOQ


Process Mapping Tool

PRIME Modeller

PRIME Modeller is an intuitive business process-mapping tool with an integrated process repository for all your process maps and process information. Create a catalogue of processes that represent your organisation and gain visibility into how these interlink. Create process maps using BPMN 2.0 standards and record detailed process attributes to gain true process transparency. Export process maps to share for review....

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process analysis tool

PRIME Analyser

PRIME Analyser is a quantitative analytics engine built into PRIME. Analyse your business processes and identify process issues, record the root causes and the improvement opportunities. Keep abreast of compliance and audit requirements; perform cost, time and value analysis along with process version control, approval workflow, collaboration, custom reports and security features....

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process improvement tool

PRIME Improver

PRIME Improver is the full-featured PRIME edition. With inbuilt APQC best practice process libraries, process mapping functionality, mapping rules and guidelines, process analyser and process simulation engine it offers an end to end Business Process Management (BPM) and Continuous Business Improvement (CBI) capability to your organization....

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