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We know the PRIME Suite inside out and we come with more than 10 years consulting experience in Business Process Management!

The tool is intuitive and easy to use but if you want to start the ball rolling faster, then our consulting service is for you.

Fixed Cost Process Mapping Consulting

Fixed Cost Process Mapping

Fixed Cost Process Mapping

Duration: 12 weeks | Location: On site/Off site
Teaching | Coaching | Delivering

Need to get a large amount of current state process mapping done in a short period of time? We can map up to 100 processes within 12 weeks. Quality delivered at a fixed cost.

Product Kick Start Package

Product Kick Start Package

Duration: 5 days    |   Location: On site
Teaching | Coaching | Delivering

5 day in classroom training, covering:

  • The PRIME methodology
  • The PRIME suite
  • Process Mapping using BPMN2.0

Coaching and Delivering:
Throughout the 5 days the PRIME Consultant will coach and work together with your BPM or improvement team to deliver a process library, a predefined number of process maps, process analysis, process improvement and process implementation using the PRIME Suite.


Our Story

"I specifically found the PRIME© (PRocess In a Managed Environment) methodology highly practical, logical and results driven. It is a methodology that can be applied immediately after learning."

Sam Barrett
Head of Business Process Services at BOQ


Process Mapping Tool

PRIME Modeller

PRIME Modeller is an intuitive business process-mapping tool with an integrated process repository for all your process maps and process information. Create a catalogue of processes that represent your organisation and gain visibility into how these interlink. Create process maps using BPMN 2.0 standards and record detailed process attributes to gain true process transparency. Export process maps to share for review....

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process analysis tool

PRIME Analyser

PRIME Analyser is a quantitative analytics engine built into PRIME. Analyse your business processes and identify process issues, record the root causes and the improvement opportunities. Keep abreast of compliance and audit requirements; perform cost, time and value analysis along with process version control, approval workflow, collaboration, custom reports and security features....

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process improvement tool

PRIME Improver

PRIME Improver is the full-featured PRIME edition. With inbuilt APQC best practice process libraries, process mapping functionality, mapping rules and guidelines, process analyser and process simulation engine it offers an end to end Business Process Management (BPM) and Continuous Business Improvement (CBI) capability to your organization....

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