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Process Analysis With The PRIME ANALYSER

Looking for some quantitative evidence to justify the need for change? Perform process analysis with PRIME BPM and build a strong case to gain the green light for your initiative.

Undertake process analysis by firstly calculating the annual time taken, and secondly the annual costs incurred for each and every process. In addition, the PRIME process analysis software uses Value Stream Mapping and process analysis techniques, to get figures on waste and the potential for cost saving.  As a result, enabling you to make the right business improvement decision.

PRIME Analyser


PRIME Analyser comes inclusive of all the features encapsulated in the PRIME Modeller, plus the following:

In Library Process Prioritisation

Don’t know which processes to prioritise for improvement? Which processes need urgent attention?

With the In-Library Process Prioritisation functionality, the PRIME Analyser performs process library analysis automatically.  As a result, it identifies the processes that require urgent attention.   No more guess work as to where to start your business improvement initiative. PRIME Analyser calculates which processes present the biggest cost saving opportunity!

Process Issues, Root Cause Analysis and Improvement

Struggling to keep abreast of all the issues and corresponding improvements whilst passing through the improvement lifecycle?

The PRIME Analyser captures process related issues against each process. In addition PRIME helps you identify and record the root cause and record the improvement opportunities.

Process Compliance and Audit

Overlooking a compliance deadline can result in an expensive penalty.  In addition, it exposes the organization to risk.

PRIME Analyser alerts the concerned person of the up and coming compliance deadline.  In addition, it automatically sends alerts to remind that an audit is due.

Process Approval Work Flow

No need to pass hard copy process maps around to gain approval for a change.

PRIME Analyser automatically routes the process map and relevant information through the predefined approval channels.  Due to this, stakeholders are well informed prior to providing their buy in and agreement.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Challenged by sifting through Word documents, or shelves to find the right SOP? Is it the latest version?

PRIME Analyser provides the ability to create step-by-step work instructions through its inbuilt SOP template. Furthermore, PRIME stores these centrally against each associated process map.

Value Stream Mapping/ Value Analysis

Unclear what causes a customer to complain even after following the process? Use the PRIME Analyser to conduct process analysis and segregate tasks that add value to the business or customer or add no value at all.  Consequently customer complaints will soon be a thing of the past.

Process Measurements: Time / Cost and Efficiency

Don’t know how much time and money is wasted performing non-value adding activities? Gain insight into how long a process takes to execute and isolate delay times. At the same time identify the costs of non-value adding activities. In addition see how your process efficiency compares to the industry threshold.

Process Version Comparison

Want to look back on the journey of the process to see how it evolved? Compare various versions of the process showing the changes made between the different version of the process map and its relevant attributes.

Collaboration / Comments / Suggestion Box

Struggling to drive the innovation and continuous improvement culture? The collaboration platform gives visibility to the published processes – enabling staff to follow the latest processes. In addition, employees can suggest innovative ideas and improvement.

Customisable Reports

Everybody has different information needs. Hence by a click of a button, PRIME Analyser creates various customisable reports to serve different audiences and purposes.

Access Rights and Security Permission

Sometimes you want to provide access to only specific information.  With PRIME Analyser, set user restrictions to view/edit information.  As a result, information is secure and privacy is upheld.

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