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Business Process Improvement With PRIME IMPROVER

Business process improvement has never been easier than with the PRIME Improver.  The PRIME Improver is the full-featured PRIME BPM edition - it includes all the functionality of the PRIME Modeller and PRIME Analyser plus more. Hence it is the perfect business process improvement software for end-to-end business process improvement.

PRIME Improver tracks all activities required to make the business process improvement change happen. With PRIME business process improvement software:

  • Understand the return on investment before committing to the change
  • Perform end to end business process improvement
  • Successfully transition the business
  • Manage process performance

key benefits

  • End to End Process Improvement
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Cost Reduction
  • Improved Productivity
  • Managed Change


PRIME Improver comes inclusive of all the features encapsulated in the PRIME Modeller and PRIME Analyser, plus the following:

Ready to use best practice process library

You may probably feel that creating your process library from a blank canvas is a daunting task.  Hence you simply want a best practice reference model to compare to. The inbuilt APQC Best Practice Process Library is firstly a great reference point for each business function.  Secondly it helps you kick start your initiative.

Customisable Modelling Guidelines

Maybe you don’t know how to map processes and what standards to follow. Or secondly, you don’t have an internal Process Analyst or team.  In this case, the PRIME inbuilt best practice process modelling rules and guidelines are especially relevant.  Simply follow these for standardisation and consistency across process models.

KPI Integration

Set the Dynamic Key Performance Indicators to monitor real time process performance. Measure your process performance to understand if it is performing at less than the set requirement. Our engine will fetch the relevant data from your systems to ensure real time tracking occurs through dashboards.

Simulation/What – If Analysis

You want to know what change are you committing to and what is the impact of this change on your bottom line?

The PRIME Process Simulation engine enables you to create as many future state scenarios as required. This enables you to see the impact on cost, efficiency and customer service before committing to the change.

Impact Analysis

Before implementing any system or changing any business rule you would want to know what are the impacts of these actions. Due to the interlinking of all process information in PRIME, by a simple click of a button, you can assess the impact of changes or upgrades to a role, document, business rule or system!

Customisable User Defined Attributes

PRIME provides the flexibility to record additional process attributes to suit your Business Improvement, Process Automation, Process Standardisation or Cost reduction initiatives.

Process Comparison

Standardisation within the business always reaps rewards. Identify inconsistencies of Processes, Business Rules, and RACI Matrixes etc. with our easy to use Process Comparison Feature and standardise across functions, department and/or geographical locations.

Process Improvement Tracker

Track ALL your Improvement activities!

All improvement activities follow through a defined approval cycle, tracking all improvement through to completion. This ensures stakeholder engagement and as a result successful change management!

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Process Mapping Tool

PRIME Modeller

PRIME Modeller is an intuitive business process-mapping tool with an integrated process repository for all your process maps and process information. Create a catalogue of processes that represent your organisation and gain visibility into how these interlink. Create process maps using BPMN 2.0 standards and record detailed process attributes to gain true process transparency. Export process maps to share for review....

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process analysis tool

PRIME Analyser

PRIME Analyser is a quantitative analytics engine built into PRIME. Analyse your business processes and identify process issues, record the root causes and the improvement opportunities. Keep abreast of compliance and audit requirements; perform cost, time and value analysis along with process version control, approval workflow, collaboration, custom reports and security features....

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