Why would a team of experts need a BPM Software?

February 25, 2019

Why would a team of experts need a BPM Software

You have been working on with a lot of processes and yet you see that nothing is going right.

You have a team of brilliant people from IT, sales, marketing, accounting, human resources and etc., yet you feel that they’re not doing their best to make the company thrive.

Adding up to your worries are your competitors doing all the changes in their companies to be able to keep up with the digital age.

Are you at a loss of trying to figure it out all by yourself?

Why don’t you invest and get a BPM Software?

You’re asking why this? Let these reasons convince you, why not?


Business Process Management or BPM Software is a computer software designed for the user and business process expert to help map, analyse, improve, and monitor your company’s performance while at the same time, driving towards your organisation’s common goal.

If you are currently having a hard time in determining where have you missed out or where you should mostly work on, you should get a BPM software immediately.

Yes. You do have a team of experts on board. Yet, they are called experts because they have specific job descriptions that they can only handle.

Consider this. Your sales team head really does an efficient work on all her dealings. She and her team manage to reach the monthly quota. However, she could not provide you proper reporting and documenting of sales and how they were achieved. Would you call the research team head instead to handle her reporting work? No. Right?

Eliminating the inefficiencies early on will help you create a better working environment not only for your department heads but especially for your employees, as well.

The lesser the work they focus on, the efficient they are on their work outputs.

With an efficient workflow management using the BPM software, you are ensured that it will be beneficial for you and for everyone in your company.


In June 2018, Reuters published a portion of the Global Business Process Management (BPM) Market report for 2018-2025.

It indicated that there’s a “high penetration and adoption of internet services and integration of cloud and big data at commercial level”.

This would mean more companies are expected to adapt to the digital phase that the world is transitioning into. That also means you need to  go digital since your competition is doing it and it delivers.

No. This shouldn’t be your only driving force to go digital but you to take into consideration that when you do this, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience in various platforms and channels.

Using a BPM software is a start. It can help you in your sharing of your documentation and also facilitate email integration that is very helpful for your clients.

It has certain features too that helps you adapt with changes introduced in the market for your compliance and transparency efforts.


Top executives wouldn’t just make decisions out of the spur of the moment. Most of it is backed with data and analysis on how they were able to reach certain decisions concerning the company.

Juan Jose Moreno, a CEO and founder of two BPM companies, shared that a BPM tool can provide you an objective Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to help you see how your processes are going.

KPI is a well-defined measure for quantitatively assessing activities in the organization.

Moreno added that the BPM tool allows you to have both real-time and historical KPI’s. This would mean, your team could use the data to “identify bottlenecks, delayed tasks, avoid missing deadlines, and SLA’s”.


Whether you will be switching to digital format in a couple of years or so, the keyword for the BPM software here is sustainability.

While the changing world can be very fast paced nowadays, vendors have also seen to it that their products align to market demands from every industry. They tailor-fit your needs with the services that their software can offer.

Through this, you can be assured that the software provides an end-to-end business improvement service.

While there are still naysayers on what a BPM software can do, it continues to prove itself as a worthy and reliable partner when it comes to creating a systematic process in your company.

If you’re still not convinced enough on purchasing one, let’s get to know more about what other features that a BPM software can offer to your company.

Here’s a short list to help you too:

1. Best Process Library

Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet. There are some BPM Software that offer this feature which allows you even to build one from scratch. This will serve as your blueprint in helping you identify which are the ones that needed your urgent attention.

2. Process Prioritisation

This is one feature that can help you highlight the most urgent processes that needed your attention by providing you with prioritisation score.

3. Process Mapping

You can either use simple flow charts or use Business Process Modelling

Notation to map your processes.

4. Repositories

It can offer you repositories for roles, system and documents. Use them to assign roles, system, and documents for every task.

5. Controlled Processing Editing

If you’d want only one single person to edit the process map, there’s a BPM software that offers this type of feature. This has a map locking functionality.

6. Process Task Attributes

These include Business Rules, KPI, RACI (Responsible, Accountable and Consulted and Informed), Compliance, Task Types and Time, and comprehensive work instructions with screenshots

7. Process Analysis and Improvement

It involves analysis on value, time, and cost while also providing you the data comparison on process efficiency and its different version. Should there’ll be any changes that needed to be done, it will also need to undergo simulation and monitoring before the process approval.

8) Reports and Notifications

This can be produced in PDF/ Word or Excel form. You can also have the

option of customising the reports. You can also have the option to turn on

or off the alerts.

9. Administration

Being the head, you have the right who get to have access on the tool

including putting on some security settings to protect your account.

Deciding to Buy a BPM Software and Tips on How to Look for the Best One

Buyers would generally have a checklist with them when they go to supermarkets or department stores to look for the things that they need.

Ideally, for a company owner, you should be keeping a list too of what you should consider in buying a BPM Software.

Ask yourselves these questions first before buying the software.

  1. What processes are we focusing on?
  2. What should come from that process?
  3. Does the process meet its goals?
  4. What aspects of the process needs improvement?
  5. What changes would improve those aspects of the process?

Surely, once you’ll get clear answers to these questions, then, you can go ahead and decide if you’ll get a BPM software for your company and look for what’s best.

Once decided, check out those which offer free trials of their products. However, you should look for those who offer user buy-in before the purchase. All experts agree that you should try the system first before buying it.

You can use this and do employee buy-in. Start with choosing representatives from every department of your company to do the test and check. Let them give honest feedback and evaluation on it.

Once you get positive feedback from them, it’s a sign that this software is right for your company.

Transitioning to BPM Software

Scheduling now for trainings for your newly acquired BPM Software may take time, so, make sure you allow your employees ample time to get to know the new technology.

Your Human Resource (HR) department can do the scheduling of trainings for each department in your company.

Before you do the trainings, you could talk to all of your employees on this new development beforehand. Let them understand why there is a need for the company to shift to a newer and automated system.

Let them see the benefits that you see in using this software. Let them realize the great potential it offers in improving work efficiency, lessening costs and wastes, and how it has the ability to adapt to changes.

By doing this, you are encouraging them to become one in your pursuit in excellence for the company.

Lastly, you may as well tell them how beneficial it is for them as employees if working with a systematic way of doing things.

The more efficient the working environment, the sooner the work is done. Completed tasks during the day would mean more time for employees to spend with their family.

Your Future with BPM Software

According to Jim Sinur, BPM will play a role in digital transformation and new business models under the digital umbrella.

Not just for big companies like Uber and Amazon that have successfully made use of BPM, but Sinur said it can also benefit more people since vendors of BPM Software products made it accessible through basic forms.

This could mean projections made by the Global Business Process Management (BPM) Market report for 2018-2025 that the BPM market size would double up within the forecast period is already close to achieving it.

As of 2017, it reported a market size worth USD 8 billion.

The increasing demand for improvement in business operations cannot also be set-aside with your company being one of them.

Will you still be the reluctant one to embrace the current market trends and demands?

The report, published on Reuters, highlighted one factor that impedes market growth – reluctance in adopting business process management.

This still might pose as a challenge as the reluctance may come from the lack of understanding from your key officials and team of experts on the new system.

However, you have to let them see and understand why you chose this new venture. Also, it helps to let them know that the software you are using is easy to use. Let them see the feedback coming from those who have participated in the testing and checking of the software.

You may even try brand awareness too. Some of the key players in the BPM solutions industry are already household names to some companies. They might feel at ease knowing that these brands offer BPM software that you can use for your company’s new system.

It would also boost their confidence on the product if they could see you using the software.

You lead the way and the others will follow too.


There is no doubt that technology paired with humans to work together harmoniously may create the ultimate key to finding solutions.

Your team of experts will definitely agree on this one.

There are certain processes that only a human being can do and there are also processes that super computer software can do. But both can always complement the other.

This is where collaboration will come up and will come in handy.

Your team of experts has their own specializations. You’ve got creative, IT, accounting, sales, marketing, legal, finance, operation and clerical.

Your BPM software, on the other hand, offers systematic approach for the tasks, and provides you with the data that you need – both in real time and historically.

Combine these two and Anjana Ramesh says you can achieve these results:


  • Faster approval of employee time sheets
  • Hassle-free employee onboarding process


  • Produce consistent content marketing
  • Organizing live events and coordinating campaigns


  • Faster processing of quotes and invoices
  • Speed-up sales cycle


  • Approvals for reimbursements can be done with just one-click away
  • Ability to handle exceptions and maintain data integrity

These are just some of the help that BPM can offer to some of your departments in the company.

If you’ll let your team of experts see this, they will realize that the software is not a threat to them but a tool to help them achieve their department’s targets.

Reaching these targets will contribute to the overall success of the company’s goals and mission.


There is now a growing need for companies to step-up its effort in creating a more efficient process in how they do their operations.

According to Reuters, United Kingdom has been a global leader in financial services. Germany is on the rise for automotive manufacturing companies. There is also an increasing penetration of IT industry in countries such as Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

In Asia-Pacific, meanwhile, Australian banks regulate back office functions, which helps them, drive out costs and avoid replications.  

In countries such as China, Indonesia, and India, the rapid growth of retail, healthcare and IT verticals will help grow the market demands for BPM to become crucial in the success of their operation.

BPM has been proven crucial especially for businesses to have cost-efficient but effective and efficient processes.

However, you should always be reminded that every company has its own particular BPM need.

From a small company run by a first-time entrepreneur to the biggest ones with hundreds of employees, choosing the right BPM tool is key to success.

If your company employees are having hard time working with the current system, you decide and change the software.

As much as possible, a software should be user-friendly and very easy-to-use.

While many will promise you with better services and packages, look for that product that offers a longer trial period and with the most comprehensive and easy to understand approach.

If you’re still unsure in purchasing the right software, you can always consult those who have been in the industry for quite a decade now.

There are BPM software companies that does consulting services for your business process needs.

Others can do off site and on site process mapping for 12 weeks at a fixed cost.

Or you can also avail of their product kick start package.

Still not convinced? Here are some final tips that you might want to keep in mind in looking out at the BPM software company’s background.

  • Check their track record. How long have they’ve been offering their software? Check out their website and find out everything you can about the company.
  • Check their clients. Those who have long been operating in the industry have worked with big and trusted clients. Do check out their “Customers” page on their website.
  • Every cost matters. Don’t expect to get a higher quality of work output if you’re only looking for those who have lower fees on their software packages. So, you need to prepare for the cost that entails in getting a good software.

We are giving a 30-Day Free Trial or a FREE DEMO of our Business Process Improvement Software-PRIME BPM so that you can create, model and analyse your organisation’s business processes.


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