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Fast-Track Your Business Growth with Simplified and Accessible BPM

Powering Your Business Since 2005

With more than 20 years of experience in the business improvement industry, PRIME BPM has empowered organisations across industries to build a culture of continuous improvement and increase efficiency and productivity.


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From planning to training and implementation, we partner with you to provide end-to-end BPM solution and services, enabling you to address your biggest organisational challenges and achieve transformational growth.



To empower our clients to solve complex business problems and stay ahead of market changes by providing simplified and best-in-class Business Process Management solution and services


To continue to combine innovation and expertise to deliver measurable, sustainable results for our clients.


Founded as a consulting firm focused on the business management industry, PRIME has come a long way and grown into a recognised End-to-End BPM Services Provider.

The Journey of PRIME BPM started in 2005 when the first office was set up in Brisbane, Australia. The co-founders Mark and Bernadette had been in the industry for a while. They found that there was a lot of current state business process mapping done in BPM software tools, but rarely did they witness a meaningful result from the initiative.Both equipped with strong analytical minds, set out to create a best-of-breed Business Process Management methodology that assured results. This led to the foundation of the consulting firm, PRIME BPM.

PRIME BPM has always been at the forefront of innovation and is constantly evolving to meet customer requirements. In line with this, BPM Training was launched in 2015 focused on delivering practical Business Improvement Courses to meet the skill needs of corporates and individuals.

During our interactions with customers, we observed that many struggle with the process mapping stage, which leads to project delays and even project failure in case process mapping is not accurate.

In 2010, Fixed Cost Process Mapping service was introduced to help customers leapfrog to the process improvement stage by giving them access to accurate and standardised process maps.

But We Aimed Higher..

During these 10 years of consultancy, we observed that our customers were not able to obtain the desired results independently with available BPM software tools. Since BPM software available were complex to use, only process experts could operate them.

We wanted to simplify BPM and make it accessible to all. In line with this, PRIME BPM, a cloud-based software with in-built methodology was launched. Designed for both business users and business process experts, the software drives the improvement journey from start to finish.

Today, PRIME BPM is a provider of end-to-end BPM solution and services and has become a preferred partner for several leading private and public sector organisations.

Our winning combination of methodology, powerful tool, services and relentless customer service has resulted in rapid growth of PRIME BPM’s customer base and expansion into new markets.


In our two-decade-long journey, PRIME BPM has won several prestigious industry awards:


Bernadette Kropman

Co-Founder, PRIME BPM

Bernadette is an expert BPM Coach, Business Manager and Co-founder of a Business Process Management Consultancy firm and BPM software. With a Master’s degree from the Queensland University of Technology, she has 20+ years of experience in using BPM as a method to achieve continuous business improvement. Bernadette has undertaken and led more than 200 business improvement initiatives within a variety of industries, including large corporates such as Vodafone, GE, BHP Billiton, AMP, Rolls-Royce and various local, state and federal government departments.

Mark Khabe

Co-Founder, PRIME BPM

Mark is a passionate Business Process Management and IT professional. He co-founded PRIME PMG – a Business Process Management consultancy firm and then followed with PRIME BPM – a cloud-based BPM SaaS solution. Over the last 15 years, Mark has been instrumental in strategising and implementing BPM solutions for organisations like GE, Rolls Royce, Sanofi, Suncorp, Vodafone, AMP, ATO, Pfizer, Coca Cola, etc. He has also helped many state and local government agencies, achieve Continuous Business Improvement.

Discover PRIME BPM Culture

At PRIME, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. We have a growth mindset and work together as one team to innovate and create powerful outcomes for our clients.


Check Out Ballina Shire Council’s Story Of Business Excellence Success

Improvement is the core of the Ballina Shire Council; it fosters creativity and innovation at all levels. The business excellence journey of BSC commenced 10 years ago with a culture of change that has grown since the adoption of PRIME BPM. Listen to how PRIME has filled a gap in Ballina Shire Council’s process improvement methodology and has helped in driving its business excellence journey.

See How MYOB Is Leading Through Change

Customer success is our success! Check out how PRIME BPM proved instrumental in helping MYOB in its Change Management journey. Right from identifying where to start and target improvement efforts to effectively eliminating waste and process bottlenecks, PRIME BPM ensured MYOB realised maximum benefits from the improvement journey.



PRIME BPM and its powerful ecosystem of partners work together to drive successful Business Process Improvement programs in your organisation.

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