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End to End Business Improvement Software.

Designed for both business and process experts to work together to drive efficiencies, profitability, customer satisfaction, statutory compliance & employee productivity.

Manage Corporate Knowledge

Build central process libraries, process maps and procedure with business rule. Easily store them and share them amongst all levels of the organization using collaboration portal

Improve customer service

Quickly identify the activities that add value to the customers using value analysis and have large amounts of delays associated with it. Focus on improving customer value adding activities and reducing turn around time by removing delays.

Reduce cost and improve productivity

Identify all the non-value adding activities using value analysis and the cost associated with those activities using cost analysis. Simply remove all the non-value adding activities in turn reducing cost and improving overall productivity

people who like working with us

“ I enjoyed the clarity that comes with mapping a process. The training is invaluable in understanding the software and preparing you for the way a process should be mapped. ”

Hailie Ryzak, Group Manager Integrated Planning and Finance Blue Mountains City Council Government Administration

“ PRIME simplifies an otherwise arduous task of producing business process maps and allows me to capture varied process attributes meaning the maps have many useful applications. ”

Tina Adams, Principal Project Officer Queensland Police Service

“ The standardized presentation of process is good and the system is very easy to use and smart for this purpose. ”

Megan from Blue Mountains City Council

“ Best Process mapping product I’ve found and at really good value! It’s process mapping in 4D. ”

Robert Clark, Head of Finance Transactional Operations Tabcorp

“ In-depth features and functionality allowing multi layers of information about business process. Once started the program is an intuitive process creator. ”

Brian Hogan, Senior Program Officer Queensland Police

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Process Mapping

  • Build your own custom process library or use one from the prebuilt APQC templates
  • Build central process repository
  • Set permission and connect your roles to the business process
  • Capture business rules, RACI, KPI and Compliance
  • Build procedures/ work instructions underneath the processes
  • Set process audit frequency , dates and times
  • Process validation rules to ensure consistency in process mapping
  • Automated reporting to build Standard Operating Procedures
  • Export process maps in pdf, jpeg, excel or html formats

Process Analysis

  • Review automated analysis for
    • Value
    • Time
    • Cost
    • Efficiency
  • Undertake what-if analysis
  • Undertake Impact analysis
  • Undertake Process Variation Analysis to drive standardisation
  • Compare recent versions to past version of the processes

Process Improvement

  • Build improvement project
  • Assign improvement teams
  • Add tasks and project details
  • Track approval to completion
  • Undertake 5why and root cause analysis
  • Provide suggestions on libraries and process to foster continuous improvement
  • Vote on suggested improvements to prioritise improvement projects
  • Improvement reports to assess the progress of all the improvement projects

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