PRIME BPM - Business Process Management Tool

PRIME BPM is a cloud-based Business Process Management software designed for both the business user and business process expert. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can easily and accurately map, analyze, improve and monitor your business process.

PRIME BPM enables staff to perform their day-to-day activities as per the organisation’s goals. PRIME BPM enables this by providing the who, what, when and how of process information. It does this by making business process information and the supporting procedures centrally available, with access from anywhere and anytime. The one source of process truth to drive towards the organisation’s common goal.


The PRIME BPM software features the ability to create process libraries from scratch.  Alternatively, use the in-built best practice process libraries as a blueprint.  From within your process library, easily identify which processes need urgent attention by using PRIME BPM’s process prioritisation feature. It highlights the processes that require urgent attention. 

Our PRIME Editions


Use PRIME Business Process Management software to create a catalogue of your business processes. Either use the in-built best practice process libraries or create your own process library. The process library is the foundation of


Remember, the more process information you record, the more analysis you can do. PRIME BPM’s analytical engine automatically calculates-process cycle efficiency, process cost and process value. Via its value analysis…


PRIME Analyser is a quantitative analytics engine built into PRIME. Analyse your business processes and identify process issues, record the root causes and the improvement opportunities. Keep abreast of compliance and audit requirements; perform cost.


Automatically monitor your processes by establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your processes. Using these KPI’s, PRIME BPM monitors your process performance real time, sending alters to the process owner if there is underperformance.

Embed PRIME Benefits in your Corporate DNA


Change Management Process

You may have a great change idea, ranging from a small system change request, to reorganizing a flow of work, or even creating some templates for all to use. You are sure it is going to yield great benefits for the business and you are ready to make it happen. But how challenging will the change management process be?

Process Performance Monitoring

Process monitoring is a critical aspect of business process management. The methodology of BPM enables you to map, analyse, improve and monitor your business processes. However, it is dependent on the Analysts’ skills within the analysis phase, how well the Analyst can analyse the business process. This is a risk factor you definitely want to close out. PRIME makes process monitoring much straight forward by automating the analysis and measurement process. With a multidimensional analytical engine that actually analyses processes and measures process performance, PRIME make process monitoring a breeze.

End to end process improvement

Have you ever wondered how a whole business strings together? Actually, it is the business processes that literally “string” the business together. Hence for this reason is it process improvement that achieves end-to-end business improvement.

Improve Productivity

In general terms, productivity is a ratio of output to input in the production of goods or services. Hence to improve productivity you need to produce the same output, by lowering the input such as manpower, cost, energy etc.

ISO Compliance

The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) has set forth standard rules and regulations for organizations to follow. Hence, ISO Compliance is the adherence to these rules and regulations.

Process Transparency

Process transparency has a number of benefits. Firstly, knowing in detail how the organization operates facilitates better decision-making. Make accurate business decisions, based on business data that is readily available. As a result, decisions are fact based, not assumption based. Hence, make decisions such as investment decisions for business improvements with more certainty.


Does your customer experience the same brand and brand experience when interacting with your staff at different geographical locations? Process standardisation ensures that your customer has the same experience with your company regardless through which channel or through which location the customer interacts with your organization.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the process of creating, sharing and retaining organizational knowledge and information. The management of knowledge is the concern of almost every Manager. Questions arise such as where is information created? Where is it stored? Is it accessible by all who need it?

Improved Customer Service

If you don’t take care of your customers somebody else will – A common saying. A customer does not only buy a product, the customer assumes customer service is also part of the purchase price. In addition, customer retention is key, as it is very costly to continually source new customers.

Cost Reduction

The days are gone where developing a cost reduction strategy was as simple as cutting down the budget. Furthermore even randomly trimming expenditures across the board is not accepted nowadays. Therefore today we need to identify long-term saving opportunities and achieve sustained cost reduction.

Clarity of Roles and Responsibilities

Many organizations underestimate the value of a RACI matrix as a tool to clarify roles and responsibilities. A RACI matrix, sometimes referred to as a RACI chart, lists out the “RACI” against each task of the process and/or the business process. An alternative view of a RACI matrix is that the “RACI” is against a person’s name or job role. Subsequently listing the tasks associated with the person/job role listed beside.

Process Excellence

Organisations simply cannot ignore the terms ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness’ whilst practicing Process Excellence. For increasing productivity as well as improving customer service, both of these are essential. “Efficiency is doing the things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”. – Peter Drucker

Business Transformation

The business environment is changing so fast! To stay competitive, or even just to survive, organizations are regularly undertaking business transformation. Business transformation is a holistic approach — an activity that affects the whole organization. Such activities may be business process outsourcing, the implementation of enterprise software or mergers and acquisitions.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence refers to the controlling of the organizations’ operations to drive business growth. Hence focusing on gaining Process Efficiency, the creation of customer value and growing the business are three components that achieve operational excellence.

Our PRIME Editions

Prime Modeller

PRIME Modeller is an intuitive business process-mapping tool with an integrated process repository for all your process maps and process information. Create a catalogue of processes that represent your  organisation and gain visibility into.

prime analyser

Prime Analyser

PRIME Analyser is a quantitative analytics engine built into PRIME. Analyse your business processes and identify process issues, record the root causes and the improvement opportunities. Keep abreast of compliance and audit requirements; perform cost.


PRIME Improver

PRIME Improver is the full-featured PRIME edition. With inbuilt APQC best practice process libraries, process mapping functionality, mapping rules and guidelines, process analyser and process simulation engine it offers an end to end Business Process Management.


  • Process Library
  • Process Mapping
  • Process / Task Attributes
  • Process Analysis
  • Process / Change Management
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