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PRIME BPM empowers the education sector to address risk and control challenges, streamline student experience and achieve more with less.


Educational institutions face several challenges in managing their administrative processes, the key ones being financial information management, hiring, facilities management, capital expenditures, and compliance and governance. Inadequate management and a lot of manual paperwork results in delays and errors. Further, educational institutions are constrained by limited budgets. By giving end-to-end visibility and transparency into processes, PRIME BPM helps educational institutions effectively address these administrative challenges.


Streamline Student Experience

Create positive end-user experiences for students by removing bottlenecks and inefficiencies from student processes. Understand process execution time and isolate delay times to improve the process cycle time. Further, with all the up-to-date processes stored in a central repository, allow students to easily access the latest information and increase student satisfaction.

Effective Resource Utilisation

Mapping and analysing your training processes delivers insights into redundant/manual tasks that don’t add value to either your students or the staff. Process management in the education industry helps you identify bottlenecks that are draining your time and resources. By eliminating these tasks, you can manage your contract and fixed staff effectively. This results in optimal utilisation of your resources and leads to cost-effectiveness.

Manage Financial Information

With PRIME BPM, ensure confidentiality and security of your data by defining who can edit, view and share the data. Appropriate controls in place will let you safeguard your financial processes from unauthorised access or changes. For instance, you can manage the risk of fraud to financial information, such as hiring and salary information by putting controls in terms of who can access the information.

Optimise Administrative Efficiency

Establish the workflow for staff management and administration, including expense requests and approvals, hiring, and student/ staff registration with the built-in RACI matrix. This helps you define who is Responsible (R), Accountable (A), Consulted (C) and who must stay Informed (I) about the process and optimise the efficiency of administrative processes.

Support Digital Strategy with What-If Analysis

Understand risks and benefits of digitising a particular task/process. For instance, if you are digitising your expense process then pre-analyse the impact of implementation across documents and systems. Further, you can analyse in a simulated process the benefits of digitising the process to justify investment. Also, create as many what-if scenarios as required to derive the desired result.

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