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Keep up with industry developments, reduce the risk of human error, improve patient care and more with PRIME BPM.


The Healthcare/Aged Care industry is constantly faced with the challenges to keep up with the new clinical practices, administrative standards, cost reimbursement methods, and government regulations. With new regulations, technologies, and mounting data to analyse and share; maintaining quality patient care and adding value is becoming more and more complex. Using PRIME BPM’s powerful functionalities, healthcare and aged care organisations can effectively address these complexities and improve patient care and operational efficiency.


Effective Compliance Management

With health care being one of the most regulated industries, staying on top of the regulatory changes is one of the key priorities for the sector. Using the PRIME BPM tool, document the compliance due dates for every process and ISO audit dates. Get automated alerts and notifications for an upcoming compliance event and ensure that it is actioned by the due date.

Improve Patient Care

With PRIME BPM, map your healthcare industry business processes to identify and remove process waste, inefficiencies and lags. Improved processes will help you reduce patient wait times and staff overtime, resulting in improved patient outcomes and patient and clinician satisfaction.

Manage Risk to Patient Information

With PRIME BPM, ensure confidentiality and security of your patient data by defining who can edit, view and share the data. With the built-in RACI matrix, you can define who is Responsible (R), Accountable (A), Consulted (C) and who must stay Informed (I) about the process. This will help you put appropriate controls and safeguard the patient information from unauthorised access or changes.

Facilitate Process Automation

Easily automate processes that have a high number of manual tasks, capture information in physical documents, have high delay time due to handovers, are compliance-focused or require standardisation. For example, applying automation to your medication administration process will result in reduced human errors, improved efficiency and productivity.

Support Technology Modernisation Initiatives

Before technology implementation, gain visibility on risks, rewards and benefits of the technology modernisation program. For instance, if you are digitising your discharge and billing process, then pre-analyse the impact of implementation across documents and systems to ensure smooth implementation. Further, you can analyse in a simulated process the benefits of digitising the process to justify the need for investment. Also, create as many what-if scenarios as required to derive the maximum output from the digitisation program.

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