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Let’s Drive Growth, Together

At PRIME BPM, we believe we can accomplish so much together. Your growth drives ours!

Business Process Management

Work From Home

Our Organisation:

PRIME is a privately owned organisation that specialises in Business Process Management (BPM). We are a global organisation with a presence in Ireland, India, Australia and South Africa.

Business processes form an integral part of any organisation. Managing these effectively enablesorganisations to rapidly grow, respond to market changes and improve profitability. We have a 20-year history of solving our customers business challenges through our proprietary cloud-based BPM software, BPM training, and BPM consulting services.

Our customers include Pfizer, Airbus, Coca Cola, CBRE, KBR, Judo Bank, MYOB, Great Southern Bank, Flight Centre, several Government departments etc. Learn more about our extensive customer list and their feedback on our website.

To be able to engage and retain such prestigious customers, it is easy to understand that we have a high-performance culture. Our team is made up of talented and passionate members who are supported by processes, systems, KPI’s and metrics.

Our team is distributed globally, and everyone works from home. You will be working with either North America, Europe or Australia based clients. Hence your work hours will be either from 3pm to 12am, or 9.30am to 6.30pm or 5am to 2pm SAST.

We already have a sizable team, but we are growing at a rapid rate, hence we are looking to place more talent in the following roles


  • Work from home (we did this even before Covid!)
  • Work with world renowned brands/clients
  • An excellent induction program teaching you the PRIME BPM methodology and software
  • work with established systems and processes and a clear company vision
  • Be supported by an existing BPM team
  • join a mature and leading organisation with 20 years’ experience in the BPM industry
  • You are not a number! We are a small team of enthusiastic people who have direct input into the company’s direction
  • Autonomy, mastery and purpose!

Our team is made up of passionate and enthusiastic people and we are on a super exciting journey together. We are connected virtually daily and our culture oozes positive vibes.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

BPM Analyst

A typical day at PRIME involves working in an online environment, using GoogleMeet with camera.

You will enable our customers to achieve their business improvement objectives by undertaking the following activities:

  • Inducting New Customers
    • Analyse the clients’ organisaonal structure & website to understand the client domain
    • Understand the clients’ business pain points and BPM objecves
    • Setup the PRIME soware account for the client
    • Facilitate PRIME product training for the client (e-learning)
  • Delivering Customer Outcomes/Deliverables
    • Coordinate process library building workshops
    • Deliver PRIME online crash courses
    • Map the client’s current state business processes by:
      • Undertake kick of meetings with the new client
      • Schedule interviews and process approval sessions
      • Interview, map and confirm business processes
      • Close process mapping projects
  • Undertake PRIME sofware system administration activities
  • Provide software support to clients via online support chat
  • Undertake user acceptance testing for PRIME’s software releases
  • Create product release videos and new release announcement content
  • Create/modify/update software training related, e-learning material and videos

BPM Customer Success Manager

A typical day at PRIME involves working in an online environment, using GoogleMeet with camera.
You will coach prospecve, new, and exisng clients and ensure their BPM challenges are resolved by using PRIME’s soware and services. You will do this by:

  • Inducting New Customers
    • Analysing the clients’ organisational structure & website to understand the client domain
    • Deducing and understanding the clients’ business pain points and BPM objectives
    • Coordinate the PRIME software setup for the client
    • Build process architectures/libraries for the client
    • Coordinate product training (e-learning) for the client
    • Facilitate the implementation of PRIME’s products and services
    • Establish and maintain a trusted relationship with the client, by leading the key stakeholder
      during engagement meetings
  • Delivering Customer Outcomes/Deliverables
    • Undertake process library build workshops and build process architectures/libraries
    • Advise, guide, and teach how to use the PRIME BPM software, adherence to business
      process mapping standards and business process architecture standards
    • Provide ongoing BPM coaching and advice to instil skills in the client
    • Deliver BPM concept training
  • Retaining existing customers and participating in revenue generating activites
    • Design, plan and implement the retention strategy during the engagement to ensure PRIME BPM software licence renewal
    • Undertake customer health assessment in aid of providing optimised customer support
    • Identify and close upsell, cross sell and expansion opportunities, and position PRIME BPM’s products and services
    • Supporting the sales team by providing input to RFP’s and RFQ’s
    • Facilitate case study and testimonial interviews for client experiences
    • Deliver PRIME BPM software demonstrations to prospective clients
    • Build custom software demonstration data to suit industry, geographical or other
      specific requirements, and deliver customised demonstrations
    • Address product related queries

BPM Solutions Consultant

A typical day at PRIME involves working in an online environment, using GoogleMeet with camera.

You will consult with the prospective client to understand their BPM/business improvement challenges and design a BPM solution. These solutions consist of a mix of PRIME product and services and you will move the prospective client through the sales cycle and close the deal. You will do this by:

  • Understanding the potential clients’ BPM project challenges, requirements and strategies
  • Understand the potential clients’ current BPM team structure, BPM tools and methodologies used
  • Share PRIME’s customer stories who faced similar BPM challenges
  • Position PRIME BPM’s solutions to address the potential clients’ challenges
  • Demonstrate PRIME’s software product and services to the potential client
  • Address the potential clients’ questions and concerns
  • Design a prospect specific solution to address the potential clients’ challenges and requirements
  • Engage various stakeholders and demonstrate the BPM solution and gain agreement
  • Build a business case for the BPM solution in consultation with the potential clientFacilitate and lead a trial of the PRIME BPM software
  • Setup success criteria and ensure that PRIME BPM software aligns with the criteria
  • Prepare the PRIME BPM solution proposal addressing the potential clients’ challenges
  • Present the BPM solution proposal to stakeholders and gain agreement
  • Negotiate solution cost and structure
  • Follow up to finalise solution and gain agreement from the potential client
  • Coordinate IT security assessments
  • Coordinate procurement contract reviews
  • Upkeep CRM with potential client conversations and engagement