A PRIME Benefit

Knowledge management is the process of creating, sharing and retaining organizational knowledge and information.

The management of knowledge is the concern of almost every Manager. Questions arise such as where is information created? Where is it stored? Is it accessible by all who need it?

There are two main causes for this concern. Today, more knowledge workers are in the workforce than ever before. Hence the value of information and the risk of losing it are higher.

Secondly, there are more people exiting the organization than before. This is due to an aging workforce and due to gen Y and the millennials. Compare to any other generation, generation Y and millennia’s have a higher job-hopping rate. Both points increase the frequency of organizational exits and the risk of knowledge loss.

Information at risk of loss may include:

How best to deal with customers;

  • Manage the budget;
  • Produce products;
  • Collect funds;
  • Manage cash flows etc.

Record this information to easily share and retain it. Hence resulting in better knowledge management.

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PRIME Overview

Knowledge Management with PRIME BPM

PRIME offers an easy way to retain and share corporate knowledge. It does this by way of a centralized process repository. With the right user permissions in place, access the process repository from anywhere. Hence sharing all your business process information. Simply build a process library and process maps. These process maps show a multidimensional view of your business processes. The process maps detail the following:
  • The tasks that make up the process;
  • Who does the task;
  • The documents and systems used.
Furthermore record any other process information such as business rules, RACI, process issues etc. These additional fields are user defined. In addition, the PRIME suite provides an inbuilt Standard Operating Procedure template. This template enables you to easily create a step-by-step work instruction with system screenshots. PRIME centrally stores all process information and Standard Operating Procedure. Hence the sharing of information, training of new employees and knowledge retention is easy. Knowledge Management has never been easier.


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