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Manage supply chain effectively, gain end-to-end visibility in logistics and transportation business processes, and more with PRIME BPM’s powerful functionalities.


The logistics and transportation industry is challenged to effectively plan operations—properly matching and assigning human, financial and material resources to the requirements. The lack of real-time communication between the partners and visibility through the supply chain is another key challenge. With PRIME BPM, gain end-to-end transparency to find appropriate solutions to these challenges.


Improve Supply Chain Management

Understand inefficiencies or roadblocks in your supply chain to identify improvement opportunities. Use these insights to improve decision-making and supply chain process efficiency. Also, with the latest process information available at hand, communicate effectively with your supply chain partners.

Manage Logistics Lifecycle

Accurately mapped processes and end-to-end visibility in logistics process workflows helps you effectively manage all tasks from order to fulfilment from a central place. Using PRIME BPM’s value stream analysis feature, remove repetitive tasks/waste activities from the process to drive operational efficiency and reduce cost.

Support Automation Implementation

Get quantifiable data to support automation implementation using what-if analysis. For instance, you can analyse the risk and rewards of automating your order fulfilment process and take an informed decision regarding the implementation. You can even understand the organisation-wide impact of the implementation to avoid any interruption due to technology upgrade.

Mitigate Risks

Manage risks effectively by clearly defining user restrictions. Define which users can access, view and edit a particular document, system and information. For instance, your organisation’s inventory process can be viewed only by select employees. This reduces the risk of fraud, data loss or error.

Enhance Customer Support

Easily analyse your customer processes for time, cost and value to identify delays and inefficiencies in the process. Eliminating these will make your processes more efficient and improve customer response time. Further, you can standardise customer service processes to provide consistent brand experience. For instance, standardising the customer complaint resolution process will enable you to ensure consistency.

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