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  • icon_1 Dedicated Customer Success Expert to assist in your BPM project
  • icon_2 Map top 5 high volume/frequency/risk and customer touch processes
  • icon_3 Get tangible insights, such as time/cost/value and efficiency for your processes
  • icon_4 Improve and Automate priority processes to achieve quantifiable business benefits
  • icon_5 Connect with the Expert on a weekly basis
  • icon_6 Lifetime PRIME BPM License for your nominated team member
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Simplified Mapping

Create accurate and standardized maps within minutes with PRIME BPM. Either use the in-built best practice process libraries or create your own process library from scratch by following some easy steps and set the right foundation for your business improvement journey.

Powerful Analysis

Get actionable insights from your process data in minutes. Automatically calculate process cycle efficiency, process cost and process value with PRIME BPM’s analytical engine. Easily undertake value analysis to graphically represent the percentage of Non-Value Adding, Customer-Value Adding and Business-Value Adding activities in the simulated process.

Fact-Based Improvement

Equipped with a suitcase full of analytical results, embark on your improvement journey. Collaboratively define solutions to process issues and ensure effective change management. Automatically monitor your processes by establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and send alerts to the process owner in case of underperformance.

Intelligent Automation

With its low-code, no-code environment, PRIME BPM makes process automation accessible for everyone. Configure your automation attributes and initiate the process flow automation with just a click of a button. Get real-time statistical data to power advanced automation.




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With PRIME BPM’s powerful functionalities and our wide-ranging experience, we have solutions for your every business requirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Premium License valid for lifetime?

Yes, the license is valid for lifetime. However, the license will be suspended if there is no activity on the account for 30 days.

Am I eligible for a license at zero cost if I register here?

Yes. Upon registration, you will have a quick discussion with our Account Executive to ensure that PRIME BPM can help you achieve your objectives.

How do I learn to use the tool?

You will be provided with an e-Learning license that will guide you through the functionalities of the tool—from setting up your process architecture, to mapping and even analyzing the data you have entered.

How can I connect with the Expert?

Once you have registered, one of our BPM Consultants will be in touch to kick-start your journey.
We will also setup a few catch up calls in the first few weeks to ensure that your questions are answered and you are guided to the relevant functionality based on the objectives you are trying to achieve.

For which activities can I take expert assistance?

Our expert PRIME BPM Consultants are on hand via the Chat Now function on our website to ensure that any questions you might have regarding the tool are answered.
We will also set up weekly catch-up calls in the first few weeks to ensure that your questions are answered and you are guided to the relevant functionality based on the objectives you are trying to achieve.

How often can I connect with the expert?

The BPM Consultant who connects with you will also be available for a weekly catch up to run through any question you may have in relation to the tool and the PRIME Methodology.
The Chat Now is available Monday to Friday.

Will my data remain private and confidential?

Your data will be handled in accordance with our privacy standards, only being visible to yourself and who you permit to see via the security permissions within the tool itself. You will be guided through this via e-learning and BPM Consultants linked to your account.

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