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Take your telecommunications business to new heights by adopting a customer-centric, process-based view of business.


Given the advancements in technology, telecommunications industry is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. To maintain their market position, telecom players need to quickly adapt and respond to market changes. In addition, there has been an influx of competition from new types of service providers. Another challenge that the industry faces is the ever-growing demand for internet and mobile communications and the peak of this demand has not yet reached the top of the bell curve. With PRIME BPM, gain the much-needed agility and transparency in telecommunications processes to survive and thrive in the turbulent business environment.

Telecom Challenges We Address

Reduce Customer Churn

Accurately map and analyse your customer processes with PRIME BPM to identify the root cause that could be leading to delay/lag in customer service. Easily identify improvement opportunities and reduce customer turnaround time to effectively reduce customer churn.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

BPM in telecommunications companies provides end-to-end transparency to identify processes and fix problems in order to gain and maintain market shares. Using value stream mapping, undertake value, cost, efficiency analysis to boost productivity and efficiency. The streamlined processes improve cycle time, reduce risk of errors, enabling you to speed up time-to-market.

Improve Customer Experience

Using PRIME BPM’s compare and standardisation features, ensure consistent brand experience and effective service across multiple consumer touchpoints right from social media to call center. For instance, standardising your customer complaint process results in faster and effective query resolution.

Support Digital Transformation

To be customer-centric and stay ahead of market competition, adopting digital technologies is a must for telecommunications organisations. With PRIME BPM’s simulation feature, analyse the challenges and benefits of digitising a particular task/process. Create as many what-if scenarios as possible to ensure the best outcome in terms of productivity and efficiency.

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