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BPM Foundations and
Process Mapping Course

Through 16 hours of concept-based learning material, including videos and practical exercises, learn how to create accurate, detailed, simple yet logical process maps. Learn symbols, standards and best practices of process mapping with practical exercises.

Process Analysis &
Improvement Course

Learn expert techniques for process analysis and improvement with this extensive 13-hour curriculum, including 47 lessons and 32 practical exercises. Gain the skills and competency for conducting effective time, cost and benefit analysis; identifying non-value- add activities; and creating future simulations for process improvement ideas.

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PRIME BPM Product Training

Get The Course Package - A$ 537.90

PRIME BPM's Super User - Designer Course

The PRIME BPM Super User E-learning Course is designed for users who want to learn how to create processes using PRIME and contribute to knowledge management of their internal processes.

PRIME BPM's Approver Training

The course has been designed to be a guide on the roles and responsibilities that come with being a PRIME Process Approver, as well as some of the other user roles that exist in PRIME. The training also takes you through process approval cycle and reporting capabilities in PRIME, including standard operating procedures and Business process reports.

PRIME BPM's Viewer Training

The course has been designed to be a guide on permissions that come with having a Viewer license to PRIME BPM. It provides PRIME Users the skills to navigate and utilise PRIME BPM to perform their operational tasks and processes with access to procedural and process information relevant to their role.

PRIME BPM's Super User - Analyser and Improvement Course

The PRIME BPM Super User course is designed to help users learn how to use PRIME’s capabilities to effectively create, analyse and improve processes and contribute to knowledge management of their internal processes. Gain the right skills and knowledge, to get the most out of PRIME BPM software and drive measurable business results. In this extensive course, learn how to use PRIME BPM to perform value, time, cost, and efficiency analysis, analyse a process journey map, undertake simulation analysis, and more.

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