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With PRIME Analyser, identifying process issues and determining process cost, efficiency and time is now a click away. Easily identify non-value adding activities, compare process efficiency to the industry threshold, and analyse impact to manage change.


Access actionable insights in a minute to get quantitative evidence to justify the need for change and build a strong case to gain the green light for your initiative. Easily compare as-is and future state processes and make the right business improvement decision. PRIME Analyser comes with all the power-packed features in PRIME Modeller, plus the following:

Prioritise Processes for Improvement

No more guesswork as to where to start your business improvement initiative. Whether your goal is increasing productivity, cost efficiency or improving customer service, PRIME Analyser calculates which processes present the biggest opportunity as per your objective. Easily identify the processes that require urgent attention and channel your improvement strategy accordingly.

Get to the bottom of Process Issues

With PRIME Analyser, capture process-related issues, identify the root cause and record the improvement opportunities against each process. Keep abreast of all the process issues and corresponding improvements in a central location.

Value Stream Mapping in Minutes

Use PRIME Analyser to conduct process analysis and segregate tasks on the basis of customer value-adding (CVA), business value-adding (BVA) or non-value-adding (NVA). With just a click of a button, understand from a time, cost and value perspective how much percentage is spent on NVA, BVA and CVA. Use these insights to make the right business improvement decision.

One-Click Process Analysis

With PRIME Analyser’s inbuilt analytical engine, check annual time taken and annual costs incurred for each and every process. Gain insight into how long a process takes to execute and isolate process delay times. Understand how much money and time is wasted performing non-value-adding activities and see how your process efficiency compares to the industry threshold.

Analyse Impact Before Change

Prior knowledge of who or what will be impacted by the process change, right from people, activities or business documents, will empower you to manage all changes effectively. Gain clear insight into the impact before committing to the change.

Achieve Standardisation

Compare processes from different business areas side by side to identify the differences and analyse key information associated with each process, such as process efficiency, process cost, etc. Identify which process is more efficient and recognise standardisation opportunities.

Monitor and Track Process Changes

Quickly compare a new version of the process with the old version to understand the changes made and the benefits realised. With PRIME Analyser, you can create and share various customisable reports to track key matrices.

Drive Continuous Improvement

Empower employees to collaborate and suggest innovative ideas and improvement to drive the culture of continuous improvement in your organisation. Easily set user restrictions to view/edit information to ensure seamless collaboration while securing information and privacy.


Process-Issues, Root Cause Analysis and Improvement

In-library Process Prioritisation

Value Analysis

Time, Cost and Efficiency Analysis

Process Version Comparison

Customisable Reports

Access rights and Security Permissions

Collaboration-Comments/Suggestion box


Business process analysis helps organisations to deeply examine their processes to identify process-related issues and find opportunities for improvement to increase process efficiency and productivity.

Some of the key process analysis techniques include: root cause analysis, value analysis, and time, cost and efficiency analysis. To understand more on how you can use these techniques effectively to gain process-related insights, join this live 90-minute Free Business Process Improvement Crash Course.

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