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Making sure that you get the full return from your business improvement investment is now possible with PRIME Improver. Right from assigning improvement tasks to tracking percentage completion per improvement, manage your end-to-end business process improvement until success.


Get key insights from dashboards and trackers to ensure end-to-end business process improvement. PRIME Improver comes with all the power-packed features in PRIME Modeller and PRIME Analyser, plus the following:

Get Started with Ready-to-Use Process Library

No need to struggle with creating a process library from scratch. You can simply use a readymade APQC best practice process library and kick start your initiative. Alternatively, use it for gap analysis and as a reference point for each business function.

Easily Keep Your Process Models Consistent

Ensure process model consistency where process models are produced in different parts of the organisation and even by different people. By simply following the in-built best practice process modelling rules and guidelines, you can have standardised process models across the entire organisation, which can be understood and implemented by any team member.

Monitor Performance With KPI Dashboards

By integrating (Key Performance Indicators) KPIs with PRIME BPM, you can easily set the requirement to measure your process performance. Our engine automatically fetches the relevant data from your systems and displays the results through dashboards to help you ensure your process is performing optimally as per set requirements. Automated alerts are also sent to process owners in case of under-performance.

Simulate and Validate

With an inbuilt simulation engine, simulate future state processes before implementation. Easily carry out what-if analysis and create as many future state scenarios as required, just with a click of button. Gain a complete understanding a of the impact on cost, efficiency and customer service before committing to, and implementing the change.

Manage Change with Impact Analysis

Pre-analyse and assess the impact of any system implementation, process change or change of business rule. With PRIME BPM suite, analyse how various processes interlink and get a comprehensive overview of how the change or upgrade impacts a role, document, business rule or system. Armed with these insights, you can understand the organisation-wide impact of the change, make an informed decision and manage the change effectively.

Customise Process Attributes

With the flexibility to record customisable, user-defined process attributes, capture specifics that suit your business improvement, process automation, process standardisation or cost reduction initiatives.

Identify standardisation opportunities

With easy-to-use process comparison feature, identify inconsistencies of Processes, Business Rules, RACI matrices. Use these insights to standardise across functions, departments and/or geographical locations and gain several business benefits, including improved clarity, productivity and customer service.

Monitor Improvement Success

Ensure improvement projects are on track right from assigning through to completion. Send all improvement ideas for approval prior to initiating the work, create work packages and tasks to be completed against each approved improvement and assign improvement tasks to users—all from one place. Track implementation progress in real-time with information on the percentage completion per improvement and check its status: completed, in progress, rejected or approved.


Process Comparison

Simulation / What IF Analysis and Impact Analysis

KPI Integration

Process Improvement Tracker

Customisable Modelling Guidelines

Ready to Use Best Practice Process Library

Customisable User-Defined Process Atrributes


Business improvement methodologies are aimed at helping organisations analyse their as-is processes and identify opportunities to streamline workflows and improve productivity and efficiency. Some of the business improvement methodologies include Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Business Process Management and Continuous Improvement.

Business process improvement steps include mapping, analysing, improving and monitoring your business processes. Combining the power of Six Sigma,Lean and BPM, PRIME BPM, enables you to easily undertake business improvement steps and even allows automation of these improved processes.

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