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16:45 08 Apr 20
Do not rent at ANY Regus office. They charge extra fees for everything, coffee per person it’s a monthly fee of $40 I believe and it’s not optional, they will soon charge coffee for your guest too. Can’t use your own wireless printer because they won’t allow it to access the network without an extra monthly fee of $35 or so, staff is not allowed to help in anything unless they charge you, for example: I was not in my office and client dropped documents that I need it ASAP- manager said she could scan at an initial fee of X amount plus $1 per page ..I would also leave some envelopes for people to pick up, not many .. maybe 5 a month and she told me that they are not allowed to help with that, that I had to be present and give envelope to people in person or she could send into my office so they grab envelopes, but that she would do me the favor and give to my clients ... It is not necessarily the staff but the rules of all Regus office that want to charge for any thing even for basic office things that at WeWork and other offices were included. They also charge a “RESTORATION FEE” when yuh move out automatically, $3 per SqFt, even if no repairs are need it. DO NOT RENT AT ANY REGUS

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