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From improving operational efficiencies, enhancing customer support to managing compliance, address your key utilities industry challenges by analysing and improving your business processes with PRIME BPM.


The Utilities Industry is faced with several challenges, right from keeping pace with constantly evolving compliance and regulation standards to improving operational efficiencies for delivering better and faster results at a lower cost. Being decentralised, utilities also face the challenge of delayed and inconsistent customer service across channels and lack of transparency in administrative expenses. With PRIME BPM, gain end-to-end process transparency and tide over these challenges.


Manage Compliance

Overlooking a compliance deadline can result in an expensive penalty. In addition, it exposes the organisation to risk. With PRIME BPM’s Process Compliance and Audit functionality, easily meet compliance requirements. Ensure that the upcoming compliance event is actioned by the due date with automated alerts and notifications.

Enhance Customer Support

Analyse your customer processes for time, cost and value to identify delays and inefficiencies in the process. Eliminating these will make your processes more efficient and improve customer response time. Further, you can standardise customer service processes to provide consistent brand experience to the customers across channels. For instance, standardising customer complaint resolution will enable you to ensure consistency and improve customer satisfaction.

Reduce Operational Cost

The inbuilt analytical engine carries out value, cost, time and efficiency analysis to identify cost reduction opportunities. Get powerful insights, such as total cost of doing the process, cost of any delays in the process, resource cost and utilisation and overhead cost. Based on this data, you can come up with improvement solutions for each of the processes, including removal of process duplicities, deletion of non-value adding processes, merging of two or more processes into one and incorporation of necessary processes that are missing. These improvements follow a structured approach to reduce organisational expenditure.

Real-Time Visibility and Control of KPIs

With PRIME BPM, set the Dynamic Key Performance Indicators to monitor real-time process performance. Measure your process performance to understand if it is performing at less than the set requirement. The inbuilt engine will fetch the relevant data from your systems to ensure real-time tracking occurs through dashboards.

Analyse the Impact of Process Change

In a simulated process, analyse the impact of all the process changes with BPM software before actual implementation. Carry out what-if analysis and create as many future state scenarios as required to understand the impact on cost, efficiency and customer service before committing to the process change.

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