Business Process Management Software – PRIME BPM

PRIME BPM software is a cloud-based plug and play Business Process Management software.  It is intuitive and easy to use, enabling both business users and process experts to work together. Hence results will be delivered faster. Whether your focus is to drive efficiency, profitability, customer satisfaction, statutory compliance or employee satisfaction – the PRIME Business Process Management Software suite encompasses best of breed methods and functionality. These stem from methods such as BPM, Lean, Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping and more. Manage and optimise your business performance by using the PRIME Business Process Management Software suite.  The suite enables you to map, analyse, improve and manage your business processes.



Use PRIME Business Process Management software to create a catalogue of your business processes.  Either use the in-built best practice process libraries or create your own process library. The process library is the foundation of your Business Process Management initiative, hence setting the direction for the next steps. In addition, the PRIME BPM software comes equipped with Process Prioritisation Analysis.  This is where PRIME BPM automatically identifies which processes need urgent attention for process improvement. Once the high priority processes are identified, use the latest standard and worldwide-recognised standard for process modelling.  Using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) V2.0, create detailed process maps. In addition, record Process Attributes such as business rules, Key Performance Indicators, Compliance details, RACI matrix, delay and execution time against the process.  The more you record, the better your analysis results will be. Within PRIME BPM you can record a myriad of process attributes, and in addition, you can also add more, via our user defined attribute functionality. Within PRIME BPM software, record your already identified process execution issues. Perform a root cause analysis on these to get to the bottom of the problem before your team starts identifying improvements.


Remember, the more process information you record, the more analysis you can do. PRIME BPM’s analytical engine automatically calculates-process cycle efficiency, process cost and process value. Via its value analysis functionality, PRIME BPM graphically represents the percentage of Non Value Adding, Customer Value Adding and Business Value Adding activities in the simulated process.  This will certainly help you support or deny the change initiative.

As W.E. Deming says – In God we trust, all others must bring data. Use all this data to get to the crux of your business problems.  Identifying your process issues with PRIME Business Process Management software is now a breeze.

In addition, PRIME BPM’s Impact Analysis feature helps you understand who or what will be impacted by process change.  Whether this is people, activities or business documents.  With this prior knowledge, you can identify the suitable improvements efficiently.  In addition, manage all the changes by taking into consideration all the impacts predicted by the PRIME BPM software.


Equipped with process transparency, identified process issues and a suitcase full of analytical results, it’s time to take your suitcase on the improvement journey. Get all on board for the change journey. Share your process information with your whole organisation – or a select few through the PRIME BPM collaboration portal.  Collaboratively identify solutions to the process issues.  With an ability to manage user security permissions within PRIME BPM, you are opening your detailed process information to just the right crowd. PRIME BPM also ensures better Change Management and Risk Management with its in-built simulation engine that simulates future state processes before implementation!


Automatically monitor your processes by establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your processes. Using these KPI’s, PRIME BPM monitors your process performance real time, sending alters to the process owner if there is underperformance.

In addition, PRIME BPM software provides a Process Dashboard of dials and graphs, showing the cost, time, value and efficiency of the process – keeping you up to date if the process is performing at its optimum, or if it is time to improve!

Today, an organisation’s success depends on how quickly it can adapt to market changes and customer demand. PRIME BPM keeps your finger on the process performance pulse, enabling you to change direction with almost no lead-time.


PRIME BPM software is cloud-based under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing model. This has always made our customers happier as it does away with additional variable costs associated with infrastructure, implementation and maintenance services. Business Process Management software no longer needs to be a capital expense – with a low monthly fee it can be expensed under the operational budget. The PRIME BPM Business Process Management software suite is offered in 3 editions: PRIME BPM Modeller; PRIME BPM AnalyserPRIME BPM Improver. Browse the functionality table below to choose the PRIME BPM Edition that suits your needs: