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Designed for both business and process experts to work together to drive efficiencies, profitability, customer satisfaction, statutory compliance & employee productivity.



Business Process Mapping

Build central process libraries, process maps and procedures with business rules. Easily store them and share them amongst all levels of the organisation using the collaboration portal.

Business Process Analysis

Undertake time, activity based costing , value analysis and efficiency measurements analysis to understand the bottlenecks and issues in your business processes.

Business Process Improvement

Identify areas for Business Process Improvement and follow this with Simulation to test scenarios and pick changes that will deliver the most value for the business.

Business Process Implementation

Gain commitment for the change and set up Business Process Improvement programs and track these from approval to completion to implementation.

Business Process Collaboration

Publish all the approved and agreed processes and procedures to front line employees. Front line employees can suggest improvements on the go to drive Continuous Business Improvement.

Business Process Automation

Quickly and cost-effectively automate your improved process flow easily without the involvement of the IT team. With an inbuilt analytical engine, get powerful statistics to target advanced process automation strategy.


Process Maps Without Expertise

Using Rapid Process Mapping and drag and drop, auto-connect, zoom in and zoom out functionality, create accurate and standardised process maps without any expertise.

Identify Priority Processes

In just a click, get a prioritisation score to identify which processes require urgent attention. Use this information to craft your business improvement strategy.

Gain Actionable Insights

Power your business process improvement with analytics, such as the percentage of non-value-adding activities within a process, annual time and costs for the process and how it compares to the industry threshold.

Monitor Implementation Status

Track implementation progress in real-time with information on the percentage completion per improvement and check its status: completed, in progress, rejected or approved.

Measure Process Performance

Define the KPIs and set the requirement to measure your process performance. Get automated alerts in case of underperformance.

Scalable Automation

Start small with the simple process automation to achieve tangible business benefits. Continue to automate progressively, paying only for what you consume.

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