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4 Steps to Effectively Manage Risks with BPM

Looking for a holistic approach to stay ahead of ever-evolving business risks? Check out this quick video to see how BPM can help you identify, analyse and navigate enterprise-wide risks and put appropriate controls.

5 Ways BPM Sets the Foundation for ERP Success

Looking to balance the rewards and risks for your ERP implementation? Check out this video to understand how BPM can help set the right foundation for ERP implementation by helping in every aspect—right from selecting the right tool to maximising the benefits.

Use BPM effectively to take your customer experience to the next level

Struggling with how, when and where to target to improve your customer experience strategy? Watch this quick video to know how BPM can help you optimise your customer service journey across touchpoints and take your customer experience to the next level.

What is the biggest issue that can derail a Process Mapping Initiative?

Process mapping is at the core of an improvement initiative. Any mistake with process mapping has the potential to sink your process improvement efforts. In this week’s BPM Hot 100 Video, hear BPM expert Mark Khabe talk about the biggest issue to avoid while creating business process maps for your organisation

A Centralised or Decentralised Process Mapping Team: What Works Best?

Should your process mapping teams be centralised or decentralised? This is a very relevant question to ask before you embark on your process mapping and improvement journey. Watch this quick one-minute video to hear BPM expert Mark Khabe’s take on this critical question.

7 Steps to a Successful Business Process Documentation

Done right, Business Process documentation offers a myriad of benefits, right from standardising processes to ensuring accountability and compliance, serving as a critical component to your business process improvement project. Check out this quick video to know 7 easy steps to ensure effective process documentation and get started with laying the foundation for sustainable, long-term growth.

Is BPMN too complicated?

Is BPMN Complex or an easy and effective language to represent Complex business scenarios? Hear BPM Expert Mark Khabe’s take on this key question.  

Why do you need to Map Business Processes?

Want to transition from a people-dependent organisation to a process-dependent organisation? Watch this video to know how mapping your business processes can help you achieve your vision. In this ‘PRIME BPM Hot 100 Tips’ video, get to know why documenting and regularly maintaining business processes is a necessity for today’s businesses.

How to achieve Business Process Transparency?

Many organisations go straight to processes mapping and documentation to achieve business process transparency, ignoring a key step before that. Learn how and where you need to start to effectively bring transparency into your processes and achieve your organisational objectives.

What is a Business Process Hierarchy?

Learn everything you need to know about a Business Process Hierarchy—right from what it is to how to create one. In this ‘PRIME BPM Hot 100 Tips’ video, understand why Business Process Hierarchy is important and how it helps a Business Process Management Team.

Rules for process mapping

Looking to gain end-to-end process transparency to identify business improvement opportunities? First and foremost, you need to get process mapping right. Check out this video to know guidelines and recommendations for creating consistent process maps to set the right foundation for your business improvement journey.

How To Power Your Digital Strategy With BPM

Looking to accelerate your digital transformation journey? Check out this video to understand how you can use BPM effectively to derive maximum ROI from your digital initiatives.

The Core Symbols for Business Process Mapping

Accurate and standardised business process maps are at the center of any successful BPM initiative. As process maps are shared across the business teams, it’s imperative to maintain consistency so that they are interpreted correctly by different team members. In this video, get to know the core symbols of BPMN (Business Process Model & Notation), an internationally used modeling language. Learn how to use these symbols to develop easy-to-understand, consistent business process maps.

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