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From timely project execution to controlling risks and access, address your major ICT concerns using PRIME BPM’s powerful functionalities.


With disruptive technologies entering the market, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry is amidst a significant shift. The ICT industry is facing the two-fold challenge: keeping at the top of technology changes and protecting the systems from risks, cybercrime and data theft. There is also a need to stay at the top of rapidly changing compliance and regulatory requirements.

ICT Challenges We Address

Faster Project Execution

Meet the IT industry’s key requirement of timely project execution by avoiding multiple tweaks during implementation. Easily analyse impact of any system/technology upgrade on people, activities or business documents in a simulated process to identify any issues before the actual implementation. Also, carry out what-if analysis to identify the best implementation scenario to give you the desired benefits.

Control Risks and Access

Data theft and breach is a major concern for IT companies. Effectively identify risks on a task-by-task basis and put appropriate controls to reduce the risk of fraud, data loss or error. Easily define which users can access, view and edit a particular document, system and information. For instance, your organisation’s IT asset inventory can be viewed and edited only by select employees.

Manage Compliance

Staying on top of the regulatory changes is vital for the IT industry to avoid any penalties and breaches. Easily document the compliance due dates, ISO audit dates for ICT business processes. Get automated alerts and notifications of an upcoming compliance event and ensure it is actioned by the due date. Use the inbuilt RACI matrix to clearly define roles and responsibilities for the compliance process to avoid any ambiguities.

Standardise Business Processes

Provide consistent customer experience across channels and improve customer satisfaction by standardising your processes. For instance, take the technical support business process of your ICT organisation in two geographies or departments and compare them side by side. Calculate efficiency of the two processes to recognise the more efficient process and identify standardisation opportunities.

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