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Improve your retail organisation’s process efficiencies and overall customer service with the right end-to-end business improvement software.


For the retail industry, it is like walking a tightrope and striking a right balance between increasing revenues while managing the ever-increasing customer expectations. Stiff competition due to online sales and from existing and mushrooming new entrants requires the sector to constantly deliver high-quality products, with a short delivery time, at a globally competitive price. Power your retail strategy with the insights from PRIME BPM to achieve your business imperatives and gain a competitive advantage.


Standardisation Across Branches

With Process Comparison feature, standardise processes across branches and geographies. For instance, you can take the inventory management process across two retail branches and compare them side by side. Using PRIME Analyser, you can calculate and identify the more efficient process. This efficient process can then be replicated across the branches to achieve standardisation and achieve the twin benefits of improved productivity and consistent brand experience.

Improve Customer Service

Using PRIME’s Analyser module, identify tasks in your retail business process that do not add value and lead to delay time in servicing the customer. For instance, by analysing your customer support process, you can identify and eliminate activities, such as repetitive tasks, double handling, etc., which will fix the time lag in customer service.

Meet Cost Objectives

Carry out value, cost, time and efficiency analysis to identify cost reduction opportunities. Gather insights on critical data, such as total cost of doing the process, cost of any delays in the process, resource cost and utilisation and overhead cost. Based on the observation, you can come up with improvement solutions for each of the processes, including removal of process duplicities, deletion of non-value adding processes, merging of two or more processes into one and incorporation of necessary processes that are missing. These improvements follow a structured approach to reduce organisational expenditure.

Analyse the Impact of Process Change

In a simulated process, analyse the impact of all the process changes before actual implementation. Carry out what-if analysis and create as many future state scenarios as required to understand the impact on cost, efficiency and customer service before committing to the process change.

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