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Process Analysis and
Improvement Course

Developed by BPM Industry Experts

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What Will You Achieve?

On the completion of the course, you can:
  • Identify business processes
  • Model/ Map business processes
  • Analyse process value, cost, time, efficiency
  • Identify non-value-adding activities
  • Conduct effective root cause analysis
  • Understand business improvement opportunities
  • Monitor business processes
  • Manage business process change
  • Lead BPM initiatives.

Who should attend?

The course is ideal for those who:
  • Contribute on an operational level to a Business Process Improvement initiative
  • Are establishing or leading a BPM team
  • Analyse and improve business processes
  • Develop process and procedure documentation
  • Undertake and manage change in the organisation
  • Need to adopt a “process orientated” way of thinking
  • Are seeking to gain a new skill set or change in career direction.

Course Overview

Learn expert techniques for process analysis and improvement, including identifying non-value-add activities; time, cost and benefit analysis; and creating future simulations for process improvement ideas. Through the 13-hour practical course, gain the detailed skills and competency required to take your organisation to the next level of business maturity. Learn tried and tested techniques gathered from over 200+ successful BPM deployments at your own time and pace.

Course Highlights
  • 4-Hours On-demand 47 lessons, including 6 demonstration videos and 8 answer videos
  • 32 exercises worth 8 hours
  • A practical Quiz after every module to reinforce the concepts learned
  • Access to advanced BPM tool to apply the concepts learned
  • Get Professional Certification for Process Analysis and Improvement
  • Concepts based on learnings from over 200+ successful BPM implementations
  • Tried and tested techniques relevant to any industry
  • Downloadable Workbooks and Cheatsheets
  • Curriculum developed by BPM experts with 20+ years’ experience of working with leading organisations, such as GE, Rolls Royce, Sanofi, Vodafone, Pfizer, Coca-Cola, CBRE, AXA etc.

Note: Process Analysis and Improvement Course is the second installment of the PRIME BPM’s Online Business Process Management Course Series. It is a pre-requisite to have completed the first level, BPM Foundations and Process Mapping Course to progress to this course, as it provides the base for many of the exercises.

If you enroll for both the courses together, you are eligible for a 50% discount on the second course. Contact us at to get the discounted Course Package.

Course Topics

  • Refresher on The PRIME Methodology
  • Gathering process task attributes
  • Cost Inputs and Organisation Unit Settings

  • Identifying non-value adding activities in the process Watch sample session
  • Analysing and calculating process value
  • Analysing and calculating process time
  • How to plan resources with Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
  • Analysing and Calculating Process Cost
  • Analysing overhead Cost Settings
  • Analysing and Calculating Process Efficiency
  • Analysing and Consolidating Process Issues
  • How to conduct effective root cause analysis

  • Identifying and selecting process improvement ideas
  • Estimating cost of change
  • Creating simulated future state process
  • Conducting time, cost and benefit analysis of improvement/ process simulation Watch sample session
  • Gaining process approval for implementation

  • Preparing and planning for the implementation
  • Assigning and executing work packages
  • Finalising the future state process
  • How to carry out impact analysis
  • Identifying training requirements
  • Delivering process training
  • Preparing for Go Live

  • Monitoring and adjusting processes for continuous improvement
  • Making process improvement a BAU
  • Ensuring collaborative approach for optimal improvement

Course Exercises

  • Calculate your value baseline
  • Calculate your time baseline
  • Calculate your cost baseline
  • Calculate your efficiency baseline
  • Consolidate process issues
  • Conduct Root Cause Analysis for your process
  • Estimate cost of change for your process
  • Select Process Improvement Ideas
  • Create Simulated Future State Process
  • Calculate Simulation Time
  • Calculate Simulation Cost
  • Calculate Simulation Efficiency
  • Calculate Time, Cost, and Benefit Analysis
  • Plan Implementation for your process improvement
  • Assign Work Packages
  • Finalise Future State Process
  • Identify Training Requirements




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Trisha Lee, Water Corporation I

a month ago

The instructor was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job.


Anusuyah Bai, Water Corporation

a month ago

I wish the instructor is part of our Team!


Shannon Ford, Water Corporation

a month ago

Sessions were genuinely valuable


Joel Muir, QLD Treasury

a month ago

Overall excellent Course!


Adam Sansom, QLD Treasury

a month ago

The course experience was very good!


Trish West, Water Cooperation

a month ago

There was an excellent balance of theory and practical.


Tanya Brain, Westfund

a month ago

The Course was very good with a lot of information


Bianca Hemmy, Westfund

a month ago

I wish I knew as much about any topic as the instructor does about BPM


Farshid Momen, Dear Watson

a month ago

The presenter was lucid. The training material was clear and concise.