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Your Business Processes, Now in Your Pocket

With PRIME BPM mobile app, transform your process management experience.

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PRIME BPM Mobile App: Your Business Processes On-the-Go

Your business never sleeps, and neither should your process management. With the new PRIME BPM Mobile App, the latest version of your processes is at your fingertips.

Whether you're a manager overseeing workflows, a field executive, or a production floor operator striving for efficient and error-free task completion, PRIME BPM Mobile empowers you to take charge of your processes like never before.

Accelerate productivity, ensure process adherence and stay in control—all from your palm.

Note: PRIME BPM Mobile app access is exclusively available to PRIME BPM software users and requires the purchase of the Mobile App feature in the PRIME product. For further details, please consult your Customer Success Manager.

Experience the Power of PRIME BPM in your Pocket

Access the latest processes anytime, anywhere

Boost productivity, minimise errors, and drive better results with access to the latest versions of business processes.

Ensure process adherence with task-by-task procedures

Maintain process consistency and ensure efficiency and compliance with access to task-by-task procedures in real-time. Worrying about deviations or missed steps is a thing of the past. Monitor and control your processes effortlessly.

Favorite your frequently used processes

Your go-to processes are now a click away. Mark your frequently used processes as Favorites and ensure they are readily available whenever you need them.

Acknowledge process changes

In today’s fast-paced business environment, there’s no room for delays. When a new version of a process is released, access change notes and acknowledge the change on-the-go. Acknowledgement seamlessly syncs up with the web application.

Raise Improvement Suggestions on-the-go

Great ideas or suggestions can come anytime, anywhere. With the PRIME Mobile app, you never have to lose those flashes of insights. Wherever you are, you can raise suggestions for process improvement, driving a culture of continuous improvement.

Seamless integration

With seamless integration with your trusted PRIME BPM platform, the mobile version lets you enter the world of flexibility and control.