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Australian Firm McNamara Law signs 3-year contract extension with PRIME BPM software

Australia-based law firm, McNamara Law, announced that it has extended its contract with PRIME BPM, an end-to-end BPM services provider, for three years to take its process improvement journey to the next level.

As per the renewed contract, McNamara Law will continue to leverage PRIME BPM software to streamline and standardise operations, keeping customers at the centre.

Reaching its 100-year centenary in 2023, McNamara Law is a trusted firm serving the legal needs of clients in various locations around Australia. As the firm grew, it was committed to ensuring consistent and quality legal help for its clients.

In line with this, McNamara Law selected PRIME BPM to document its processes and build a centralised repository to ensure standardised work practices and services across its satellite offices. In the first phase, McNamara Law started with its corporate services departments and has progressed to documenting processing in the legal teams.

McNamara Law has gained greater visibility into its processes by building a corporate services library and process libraries for its legal teams using PRIME BPM. The firm has identified over 350 processes and mapped 126 processes so far, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its business operations. It has also identified workflows that can be optimised or automated in its Practice Management Software.

Leveraging PRIME BPM, McNamara Law has standardised processes to minimise errors and inconsistencies and ensured its clients receive the same level of service, regardless of the office location. The firm is able to provide higher-quality legal services to clients in a more cost-effective manner.

Furthermore, PRIME BPM has empowered McNamara Law to identify the best technology solutions and helped ensure its processes are designed to maximise their potential benefits.

“Having worked with the PRIME team for many years, I can attest to the effectiveness of their methodology and software. By using PRIME BPM, we are confident that we can continue to meet our goals and provide our clients with the highest quality legal services possible,” said Judy McGrath, Business Manager, McNamara Law.

Commenting on the renewal, Mark Khabe, Co-Founder, PRIME BPM said, “We are excited to continue the process improvement journey with McNamara Law. As we enter the next phase of our engagement, we are committed to support them to achieve their business and customer service objectives.”

ABOUT McNamara Law

Founded in 1923, McNamara Law is a full-service law firm providing quality legal support to individuals and businesses in the Ipswich and Lockyer Valley region. It is one of the largest Ipswich law firms in the area, with offices in Ipswich, Gatton, and Springfield. The firm has a team of 30 recognised experts and leaders in their practice area.


Established in 2005, PRIME BPM is an end-to-end Business Process Management organisation, supporting customers through its wide portfolio of products and services, including PRIME BPM software, BPM Training and Fixed Cost Process Mapping Service. PRIME BPM’s cloud-based Business Process Management software is designed for both business users and business process experts. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, individuals can easily and accurately map, analyse, improve and automate business processes. PRIME BPM has over a decade of experience in transforming leading public and private sector organisations, including Pfizer, Airbus, QLD Police, NSW Health, QLD Treasury, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, University of NSW, MYOB, Tabcorp, Blue Mountain City Council, Americold, etc.