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Why a cloud-based Business Process Management Tool is must to have during a pandemic

While the whole world battles the COVID 19 pandemic, businesses across the globe have been thrown into uncertainty and financial despair. Many businesses are grappling to overcome the unprecedented challenges posed by the prevailing health crisis. One of the most effective ways to survive the current economic turmoil is to have an effective Business Process Management tool in place. And not just any BPM software would do; having a cloud-based BMP tool is the need of the hour.

With lockdowns in place, most businesses have allowed their employees to work from home. While this has enabled businesses to continue their operations, it has also posed many serious difficulties. Right from ensuring employee productivity to making sure that each and every employee has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, there are many challenges that businesses need to overcome. A BPM tool can greatly help a business get over these challenges and difficulties.

A business can conquer many of the traditional Business Process Management and pandemic challenges by opting for a cloud-based BPM tool.

Anytime Anywhere Access

One of the key benefits of a cloud-based BPM tool is anytime, anywhere access. And, in times like these, it is nothing less than a godsend. As the information is stored in a centralized database, employees can easily access it, regardless of their geographical location. Thus, businesses don’t have to worry about employees not being able to access critical information when needed.

No more inefficiency and redundancy: Clarity on Roles

A BPM tool makes it easier for a business to clearly identify and communicate the tasks that employees need to do. It provides complete clarity to employees as far as their roles and daily responsibilities are concerned. This, ultimately, translates into faster results, better performance, and higher productivity of employees. With all employees focusing on their core functions, there is no room for inefficiency and redundant tasks.

Achieving Operational Efficiency

In order to survive these difficult times, businesses must find a way to make profits. With people confined to their homes, increasing sales at this point in time is an inconceivable task for most businesses (unless, of course, you are engaged in manufacturing face masks or paracetamol/hydro chloroquine!). Therefore, a more feasible way to make profits is to reduce operational costs. By improving and streamlining business processes and increasing productivity levels, a cloud-based BPM tool can go a long way when it comes to helping businesses decrease their operational expenditure by quickly identifying the waste in your processes. In addition the tools can demonstrate the costs incurred performing any particular activities so you and the team can make an informed decision if this is activity is required to be performed in these difficult times – helping you reduce the Right from ensuring employee productivity to making sure that each and every employee has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, a BPM tool can greatly help a business get over key challenges and difficulties.

Make Restructuring Easier

Decreasing revenues, bad cash flow and new consumer trends are some of the factors that can make organization restructuring necessary in times like these. In order to make the process of restructuring smooth and hassle-free, an organization must have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of every employee. BPM software plays a pivotal role in helping organizations gain clarity on employees’ responsibilities, thereby making restructuring easier.

Pave the way for Digital Transformation

In these times of global pandemic, digital transformation has become more of a necessity. The organizations that can successfully reduce human intervention in their tasks and processes have a better chance of survival. However, once again, in order to make a successful digital transformation, an organization must have a clear-cut understanding of – A) the steps of a process and, B) Which steps can be automated. When it comes to finding out what to automate, organizations need detailed process maps. This can be done with the help of a BPM tool.

Adapt to changing business landscape

The current pandemic is likely to cause some major changes in the business world. Whether we talk about changes in work cultures or changes in customers’ habits, the world will change in many ways. Businesses that adapt to the emerging business landscape will thrive. With the help of a BPM tool, an organization can identify the processes it needs to include so that it can easily adapt to this changing business environment.

The current pandemic has brought to the fore the importance of having an effective BPM tool in place. Using a cloud-based BPM tool is one of the most effective ways to reduce the effects of the pandemic on a business.