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Canada-Based Municipality Signs a 2-Year Contract with PRIME BPM to Accelerate Their Process Improvement Journey

The City of Kawartha Lakes, a municipality in Ontario, Canada, has chosen PRIME BPM Software to accelerate their business process improvement initiatives. By leveraging PRIME BPM’s Software, the municipality aims to achieve their strategic goals, power ongoing projects targeted at customer service, and drive cost & time savings.

In line with their commitment to service excellence while recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Kawartha Lakes embarked on a project to develop a catalogue of services and sub-services. Within this service catalogue, the municipality pinpointed high-priority areas, recognising the urgent need for process maps. Simultaneously, the municipality also has an internal ‘Make It Better’ program that focuses on delivering continuous improvement across the organisation.

To address the identified need for process maps and enhance their commitment to service excellence, the municipality actively sought an end-to-end process management tool that will not only help in documentation but will also help in defining service owners and handoffs to increase service efficiency, and further strengthen their continuous improvement project.

PRIME BPM’s end-to-end Business Process Management Software was selected for its powerful process mapping capabilities and ability to accurately capture process attributes and procedure-level information for a comprehensive view of the process. The software’s inbuilt analysis and improvement were other functionalities that stood out.

“We’re really excited to partner with PRIME BPM and integrate their platform with the municipality,” commented Brenda Stonehouse, Strategy and Innovation Specialist, City of Kawartha Lakes. “Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a renewed focus on enhancing our services and the internal processes that support them. With its simplified mapping and end-to-end analysis, we see the software playing a key role in helping us unlock our full service potential.”

The City Of Kawartha Lakes has identified Human Services and Corporate Services as key areas to target their process improvement efforts. The City plans to pilot the software with those departments first, before taking its learnings and scaling it across the entire organisation.

Leveraging PRIME BPM’s capabilities, the City of Kawartha Lakes aims to create a centralised repository of processes for the identified areas in the first phase. The single source of truth will enable them to clarify employees’ tasks and responsibilities and optimise the employee onboarding process. Documented processes will also enable them to analyse and identify issues and improvement opportunities in the processes, paving the way towards continuous improvement.

Commenting on this engagement,  Mark Khabe, Co-founder, PRIME BPM stated, “We are excited to engage with the City of Kawartha Lakes in accelerating their process improvement journey and enhancing their operational efficiency. Together, we look forward to achieving their strategic objectives and delivering improved customer satisfaction while optimising costs and time.”


The City of Kawartha Lakes is Southern Ontario’s largest geographic municipality. We are a single-tier municipality that’s home to some of the most vibrant downtowns, abundant green spaces and diverse opportunities.Kawartha Lakes is located 90 minutes northeast of Toronto, and home to approximately 80,000year-round residents, 30,000 seasonal residents, and welcomes over 1.6 million domestic tourists annually. Geographically spanning 3,000 sq. km, communities, farmland, forests and waterways underpin the character of the municipality and shared experiences for residents, visitors and businesses alike.


Established in 2005, PRIME BPM is an end-to-end Business Process Management organisation, supporting customers through its wide portfolio of products and services, including PRIME BPM Software, BPM Training and Fixed Cost Process Mapping Service. PRIME BPM’s cloud-based Business Process Management Software is designed for both business users and business process experts. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, individuals can easily and accurately map, analyse, improve and automate business processes. PRIME BPM has over a decade of experience in transforming leading public and private sector organisations, including Pfizer, Airbus, Queensland Police, New South Wales Health, Queensland Treasury, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, University of New South Wales, MYOB, Tabcorp, Blue Mountains City Council, and more.