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Deakin University Chooses PRIME BPM as their BPM Industry Briefing Partner

Deakin University chooses PRIME BPM as partner to provide Industry expertise and an overview on BPM Challenges and solutions to its Executive MBA Students.

PRIME BPM will present as a BPM Industry Partner to the students on the below topics:

  • State of BPM
  • Why Business Excellence
  • How Business Excellence
  • Solution and Products to tackle Business Excellence
  • Real life case study on how PRIME BPM’s use helped organisation reduce cost and improve productivity

Overall, 75 Executive MBA students will go through this around Australia. The session will help students understand the real-life challenges, methodologies and tool sets for Business Process Management.

Upon completion of this session PRIME BPM will be able to help the Deakin MBA students to master an effective BPM tool which can map, analyse, improve and streamline business processes.

Deakin University chooses PRIME BPM to be the single Industry Partner within the Business Process Management arena, since PRIME BPM tool came equipped with built in methodologies and could demonstrate the end-to-end solution to implement BPM projects.

Next Deakin University and PRIME will partner to support the masters and bachelor’s students for the BPM unit. Deakin University processes around 10,000 students yearly on average for the BPM unit. PRIME BPM will provide educational license of the tool for the students to practice and enhance their Skills for Business Process Management projects. The tool will be used by the student to undertake their assignments where they will map, analyse, redesign and improve business processes.

PRIME BPM is confident that with the use of the tool, students will be equipped with the needed knowledge and skills to take on real-life business process management projects in their working career.


Established in 2005, PRIME BPM works with numerous organizations worldwide to foster a continuous business improvement culture.

PRIME BPM is a cloud-based Business Process Management software designed for both the business user and business process expert. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, individuals can easily and accurately map, analyse, improve and monitor the business process. PRIME BPM enables staff to perform their day-to-day activities as per the organisation’s goals. PRIME BPM enables this by providing the who, what, when and how of process information. It does this by making business process information and the supporting procedures centrally available, with access from anywhere and anytime.

PRIME’s wide range of public and private sector customers include QLD Police, NSW Health, QLD Treasury, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, University of NSW, Budget Direct Insurance, MYOB, Tabcorp, Blue Mountain City Council, Scenic Rim Regional Council West HQ, Americold etc. The company is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.

About Deakin University

With over 40 years of experience as one of Australia’s leading tertiary education providers, Deakin’s won numerous awards and teaches over 53,000 students each year. Deakin University offers their students world-class programs and endless opportunities.

Deakin University is known as a globally connected university, with five popular campuses – including their online Cloud Campus – and technology-rich learning centres across outer metropolitan Melbourne.