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Peterborough County’s PRIME BPM-powered project awarded at the 49th CAMA Conference

Canada-based Peterborough County’s implementation of PRIME BPM software to drive its continuous improvement journey has been awarded at the 49th Annual CAMA Conference, organised by the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators.

The County won the award in the Professional Development Category for its project titled ‘PRIME for LEAN – Developing A Culture of Continuous Improvement.’

Peterborough County is the first municipality in North America to put into practice its Lean efforts through the acquisition of PRIME Business Process Management software. An end-to-end BPM software, PRIME BPM enables organisations to map, analyse, improve and monitor the processes to remove waste and inefficiencies.

To date, 24 process improvement projects have been completed and the County has benefitted from data and measurable results to support its business strategy and service delivery. Optimised processes have reduced wait time and significantly enhanced citizen services.

With the adoption of PRIME BPM software, which has an in-built methodology combining the power of Lean, Six Sigma and Value Stream Mapping, Peterborough County has broken down silos, promoted cross-departmental collaboration and ensured operational savings.

The County’s 2023 budget is reaping the rewards from this journey supported through service delivery reviews resulting in a reallocation of $850k in operational savings.

The documented processes have also enabled the County to ensure effective knowledge and resource management. Encouraged by these early results, Peterborough County is committed to continue working towards developing a culture of continuous improvement.

“We are thrilled with the recognition, efficiency and transparency Peterborough County has gained with PRIME BPM software. We will continue to work collaboratively with them to help them address their pain points and transform municipal services,” commented Mark Khabe, Co-founder, PRIME BPM.

About Peterborough County 

Located in Ontario, Peterborough County is an upper-tier municipality representing eight local municipalities and serving a population of approximately 64,000 residents plus a large seasonal population distributed over an area of 4,000 square kilometres. Peterborough County provides regional public services, including promoting regional economic development and tourism opportunities, land use planning and development, transportation systems, solid waste management, public health, social services and emergency medical services.


Established in 2005, PRIME BPM is an end-to-end Business Process Management organisation, supporting customers through its wide portfolio of products and services, including PRIME BPM software, BPM Training and Fixed Cost Process Mapping Service. PRIME BPM’s cloud-based Business Process Management software is designed for both business users and business process experts. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, individuals can easily and accurately map, analyse, improve and automate business processes. PRIME BPM has over a decade of experience in transforming leading public and private sector organisations, including Pfizer, Airbus, QLD Police, NSW Health, QLD Treasury, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, University of NSW, MYOB, Tabcorp, Blue Mountain City Council, Americold, etc.