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PRIME BPM is excited to announce its expansion into the USA

PRIME BPM is excited to announce its expansion into the USA.

It will be making its SAAS based End to End Business Improvement Software available to the entire market by establishing an office in the BIG APPLE – NEW YORK CITY.  The initial focus is the East Coast and progressively the foot print will be increased to the rest of the USA.

In the last two years PRIME has experienced exponential growth in the Australian market, acquiring many enterprise clients across various industries including Universities, Local and State Government, Logistics, Gaming and Entertainment, Finance and Insurance.

PRIME’s approach of “CUSTOMER FIRST”, “USER EXPERIENCE SECOND” and “TECHNOLOGY THIRD” has been well received by the market, resulting in setting a high benchmark in the Business Process Improvement industry. Recently PRIME won two awards – one for “Best User Experience” and the second as “Rising star of 2018”.

Bernadette Kropman (Co-Founder of PRIME BPM) says: “Although the technology build was done relatively quickly, the research and development of PRIME BPM started more than 10 years ago. Prior to developing the software, we ran a Business Process Improvement consultancy firm.  We spent countless hours on the other side, where we were using existing technology or facilitating the use of these technologies, to drive Business Process Improvement for our end clients. This 10 years of exposure, experience, challenges and research has gone in to building this world class End to End Business Improvement software”.

PRIME’s clients now drive their transformation journey independently as PRIME has addressed three major industry challenges. These are:

Challenge 1:

Organisations invest an enormous amount of time in documenting business processes only to let these sit on the shelf and gather dust.


Our central process repository and procedure documentation drives collaboration amongst staff by way of ensuring that all staff have access to up to date processes and procedures at all times.  The software is very easy to use, hence processes and procedures are easily modified and kept up to date.

Challenge 2:

The organisations’ business improvement team struggles to demonstrate the cost saving possibilities in advance of the change and as a result struggle to gain executive commitment.


PRIME BPM’s automated analytical engine provides tangible data at a click of a button. The improvement team can share quantifiable data to the Executives, outlining potential cost savings, time savings, efficiency gains and customer value add. In addition, the simulation engine enables the improvement team to create scenarios and test the type and level of benefits each scenario/change can deliver to the organisation, helping them select the right improvement.

Challenge 3:

Business improvement team members have difficulty in driving the entire improvement journey. That is, in addition to documenting the processes, also undertaking the analysis and delivering the improvements and ensuring the benefits are realised.


PRIME BPM is an End-to-End Business Process Improvement solution.  Team members can identify, document, analyse, improve, implement processes and drive process collaboration on a single platform.

Time and time again PRIME BPM users are impressed with how the tool is taking them on a journey with gated approach to ensure that the right thing is done, and optimum business improvement results are delivered.

Mark Khabe (Co-Founder of PRIME BPM) says: “We didn’t just want to build technology – we wanted to build a useful business tool that provided a structured approach and followed a proven Business Improvement methodology.  This methodology is reflected in PRIME BPM’s sophisticated features and functionality.  This ensures that organisations are no longer dependent on an individual’s skill set.  Instead, the user simply follows the product prompts and as a result delivers true business improvement.

We are very proud of the fact that the tool is so simple and practical. This enables the business users in the organisation to take control of their own processes and work collaboratively with process experts.  This collaborative approach drives sustainable, long-term productivity and efficiency gains.”

While PRIME will continue to grow in its home market, it is looking forward to seeing its USA clients reduce their operating costs, improve productivity, efficiency and its customer service. Know more about PRIME BPM and get your 30-day FREE TRIAL now.