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PRIME BPM partners with VIS global

PRIME BPM is elated to announce a new partnership with VIS Global, a versatile, innovation-driven and service-oriented organisation for communication and CX management solutions.

VIS Global has an exceptional track-record of offering a complete portfolio of end-to-end & customizable solutions strengthened with prompt & coherent services. Their domain expertise and good service have made them a synonym to ‘Trust and Reliability’.

“We at VIS Global Pty Ltd are very excited to announce our partnership with PRIME BPM. Their BPM tool is now a critical element of our Consulting Practice and we in turn offer this solution to our Customers, to help them improve the effectiveness of their transformation projects. The PRIME BPM tool allows us to map the customer business processes, to baseline the starting point and to help us fully understand how these processes fit into the organisation structure and business priority. By adding in details about process RACI, process time and cost elements, the tool provides us with an analytical capability that is easy to use and drives process efficiency and improvement. We use the tool to create a very transparent and measurable business case, which we can then track and manage as we move into the implementation phase. This BPM tool is also helping us create an effective foundation for our RPA projects’’. Says Sandeep Chitale, SVP Consulting at VIS Global

“PRIME is very excited to welcome VIS Global as a Gold Partner. VIS Global have outstanding capability and expertise in CX, and their knowledge around improving businesses ability to service their clients including utilizing the latest in RPA technologies make them an ideal partner. VIS Global enhanced capability in improving business outcomes through their ability to solve complex challenges in this space and make significant lasting improvements is a timely addition in the current market.’’ Says John Arnold, Account Director at PRIME BPM

We hope this partnership will yield fruitful results for businesses struggling to improve their processes and both the companies as well.