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PRIME Automate allows business users to easily get started on their process automation journey. Quickly and cost-effectively automate process flows, get real-time statistical data to improve and automate processes, build scalable automation strategy, and more, with this intuitive platform.


Facilitating low-code, no-code process automation, PRIME Automate empowers day-to-day business users to configure process automation in just a matter of days. PRIME Automate comes with all the power-packed features in PRIME Modeller, PRIME Analyser and PRIME Improver, plus the following:

Automate Mapped and Improved Processes

One of the biggest challenges the industry faces in terms of process automation is—what is getting mapped is not getting automated. PRIME Automate addresses this industry challenge with its seamless integration with the PRIME BPM tool’s Design and Improvement module. Automate your improved process flow easily without the involvement of the IT team to get the best output. Also, get real-time statistical data to identify further improvement opportunities.

Tap into Low Code Automation

With its low-code, no-code environment, PRIME Automate makes process automation accessible for everyone. Get started on your automation journey by creating process maps within the design module with simple drag-and-drop functionalities. Then using in-built analytics improve the process and get it approved by the process owners. In quick easy steps, configure your automation attributes and initiate the process flow automation.

Configure Process Flow Automation

With just a click, kick-start simple process automation, where process flow will be automated based on the employee roles. This will create an automated task list where tasks are automatically distributed to users based on their roles. Notification is triggered to each task owner until completion. As no changes or integration is required in IT applications, PRIME Automate empowers day-to-day business users to configure simple process automation in just a matter of days.

Phased Automation Using Inbuilt Statistics

PRIME BPM facilitates a phased process automation approach. Once simple automation is achieved with process flow automation, use PRIME Automate to get statistical data on the real-time execution of these activities with just a click. Use this data to power the next phase in your automation journey with advanced process automation.

Achieve Advanced Process Automation

With an in-built analytical engine get powerful statistics, such as execution time, delay time and cycle time for every single task within the automated process. Identify the tasks, which take a long time to complete and target your automation strategy. Fully automating such tasks and eliminating any human intervention will help you maximise the automation output.

Pay-as-you-Consume Model

PRIME Automate is offered on a pay-as-you-consume model to make process automation affordable and flexible for organisations. Start small with the simple process automation to achieve tangible business benefits, such as improved productivity and efficiency in the shortest span of time and pay only for each started process instance. Continue to automate progressively, paying only for what you consume.

Benefit with Scalable Automation

With PRIME Automate, discover scalable and flexible process automation. This helps you to avoid ad-hoc heavy investments and enables seamless automation transition.

Establish an Audit Trail

Each process instance and activities within those instances are name, time and activity stamped. Easily track who, what and when performed the task and ensure a powerful audit trail.


Low-Code, No-Code Process Automation

Phased Approach

Simple Process Automation

Real-Time Task-Level Statistics

Advanced Process Automation

Pay-as-you-Consume Model

Scalable and Flexible

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