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The promise of greater efficiency, increased productivity, reduced manual errors and decreased time has put process automation on top of the bucket list for organisations. However, not all automation projects deliver on the promise. As per analyst estimates, as many as 30-50% of all automation projects fail to deliver on expected benefits.
Starting on your business improvement journey? How sure are you that your efforts are headed in the right direction? Are your process improvement efforts aligned with the overall organisation’s objectives? Have you defined who owns the initiative and how you will measure the success? Is there a plan in place to sustain the initial momentum?
While BPM has been around for decades, a revolution is currently brewing in space. Traditionally considered a technology only for large businesses with huge budgets, the technology is now emerging as a necessity for organisations of all sizes. Riding on the back of digital transformation and the emerging wave of low-code, no-code software, BPM is witnessing some definite trends. 
In today’s fast-paced business environment, process improvement has emerged as a business imperative for organisations. A sustainable way to drive competitive advantage. Increasingly as organisations continue to see the numerous benefits of business process improvement, they are focusing on embedding it into their organisational DNA.
As organisations grow, the processes across business functions expand at an increasing pace. If these processes are not tracked or documented, organisations start struggling with the issues of lack of clarity in employee roles and activities and siloed efforts and mentalities.
With the growing trend of remote workers, the employee onboarding process needs to be reimagined. Building loyalty and engagement in the new hires, integrating them into teams and providing them the right training and guidance becomes trickier in the remote setup. Read on this blog to know the 5 focus areas for organisations to streamline remote employee onboarding.

What are the top 10 Features of PRIME BPM? PRIME BPM functionality is geared towards achieving long term productivity and efficiencies within the organisation.

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