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Australian Council, Shire of Mundaring signs 3-Year Contract with PRIME BPM Software to Elevate Service Quality through Operational Excellence

We are thrilled to announce that Shire of Mundaring, an Australian Council, has entered a 3-year contract with PRIME BPM. This collaboration underscores the Shire of Mundaring’s steadfast commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence.

At the heart of the Shire’s vision lies a dedication to process improvement and operational efficiency. By leveraging PRIME BPM’s end-to-end Business Process Management capabilities, the Shire seeks to streamline workflows and minimise administrative burdens, empowering its dedicated workforce to focus on value-added tasks that directly benefit the community.

Quality of service is paramount to the Shire’s mission, and the collaboration with PRIME BPM Software underscores their dedication to delivering excellence. Through PRIME BPM Software’s robust process management functionalities and advanced analytics, the Shire strives to empower its employees to excel in their roles and drive meaningful impact within the community.

This collaboration aligns with the Shire’s vision to increase engagement and job satisfaction by providing continuous learning opportunities and fostering a culture of improvement, growth, and innovation.

“We are excited to partner with PRIME BPM to strengthen our commitment to excellence in customer service and continuous improvement at the Shire of Mundaring. PRIME BPM’s innovative capabilities will support us in enhancing our workflows, empowering our team, and drive meaningful progress to deliver exceptional services and value to our community.”Jason Whiteaker, CEO, Shire of Mundaring

“Partnering with the Shire of Mundaring signifies a remarkable opportunity for PRIME BPM to contribute to the realisation of their vision for operational excellence and community empowerment. We’re excited to work hand-in-hand with the Shire, leveraging our expertise in process improvement and organisational excellence to drive meaningful change and create lasting value for the community.”Mark Khabe, Co-Founder, PRIME BPM


Shire of Mundaring is a Local Government located within the Perth hills in Western Australia. The shire covers an area of 644 square kilometres with 46% of its total area being national park, state forest or other reserves. Tourism is a vibrant and growing part of the region, with nature-based activities and facilities a priority. The shire comprises of 19 distinct villages or town sites – each with their own unique charm.


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