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Easily and accurately Map, Analyse, Improve and Automate your business processes with PRIME BPM, a powerful cloud-based, plug-and-play BPM software. Whether you are a business user or business process expert, PRIME BPM with the best-of-breed inbuilt methodology and user-friendly interface is designed to meet the unique requirements of both the user groups. Based on powerful methodologies, such as BPM, Lean, Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping and more, PRIME BPM has helped hundreds of leading organisations achieve their business objectives.


Simplified Mapping

Create accurate and standardised maps within minutes with PRIME BPM. Either use the inbuilt best practice process libraries or create your own process library from scratch by following some easy steps and set the right foundation for your business improvement journey.

Powerful Analysis

Get actionable insights from your process data in minutes. Automatically calculate process cycle efficiency, process cost and process value with PRIME BPM’s analytical engine. Easily undertake value analysis to graphically represent the percentage of Non-Value Adding, Customer-Value Adding and Business-Value Adding activities in the simulated process.

Fact-Based Improvement

Equipped with a suitcase full of analytical results, embark on your improvement journey. Collaboratively define solutions to process issues and ensure effective change management. Automatically monitor your processes by establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and send alerts to the process owner in case of underperformance.

Intelligent Automation

With its low-code, no-code environment, PRIME BPM makes process automation accessible for everyone. Configure your automation attributes and initiate the process flow automation with just a click of a button. Get real-time statistical data to power advanced automation.


Discover the PRIME BPM advantage in the real world.
Look at how the leading companies across industries are using and succeeding with PRIME BPM.


Business Issues


Whatever be your business challenge, easily address them with PRIME BPM and maximise your organisational efficiency.

Business Optimisation


With PRIME BPM’s powerful functionalities and our wide ranging experience, we have solutions for your every business requirement.


Best Practice Process Library

Use a readymade APQC best practice process library to kickstart your initiative or use it as a gap analysis.

Develop Process Library

Easy drag and drop functionality to create your process library – your hierarchy of business processes.

Assign Process Properties

Simply assign high level process properties from the drop-down menus.

Process Map using BPMN 2.0

Use the globally recognised language and latest version of Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) to map your processes.

Roles Repository

Assign roles from the prepopulated Roles Repository to the lanes in your process map to define which tasks are performed by which role.

System Repository

Assign Systems from the prepopulated System Repository to the tasks in your process map to define the systems used as part of a task.

Business Rules

Capture business rules and assign these against the process.

Key Performance Indicators

Capture KPI details, including the KPI rational and the performance range against the process.


Capture role names against tasks indicating which role is Responsible, Accountable and which role is to be Consulted and Informed in relation to task changes.

Value Analysis

Understand the percentage value provided by each process to the business and customer. Also, understand the percentage of non-value-added activities performed by each process.

Time Analysis

Understand how many hours annually are spent performing business, customer and non-value-added activities.

Cost Analysis

Understand the annual cost incurred to perform business, customer and non-value-added activities.

Process Simulation

Simulate processes to understand the impact and benefits of each solution before committing to the change.

Improvement Tracking Dashboard

Track the creation and implementation of improvements. See the percentage completion per improvement and check its status: completed, in progress, rejected or approved.

Improvement Approvals

Send all improvement ideas for approval prior to initiating the work.

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