Operational Excellence refers to the controlling of the organizations’ operations to drive business growth. Hence focusing on gaining Process Efficiency, the creation of customer value and growing the business are three components that achieve operational excellence.

To achieve operational excellence, firstly the organization must define what substantiates each of these 3 components to the organization. That is, clearly define what the organization considers process efficiency, value for the customer and business growth.

Subsequently design a deployment plan. That is, what are the actions we will take to meet the strategic plan?

The crux of achieving operational excellence lies in two components. That is, firstly to have people in place with the right attitude, mindset, and the right competencies. These people must be in place to lead the process excellence initiative both as part of the process excellence team and on the business as usual operational floor.

Secondly the design of business processes. The operational processes must be well designed and efficient in aid of delivering best-in-class products and services. These best-in-class products and services must add add value to the customer. In addition, well-designed management processes ensure that the operational processes achieve their objective.

The key lies in the measurement of how the business currently operations and how it operates after the redesign. That is, measuring the process efficiency, customer value and overall business performance. Take these measures prior, intermittently and at the end of the redesign. Hence gaining an insight to assess if the outcomes align to the goals of the organization.

Achieving Operational Excellence with PRIME

PRIME provides the tools and techniques to achieve Operational Excellence. Firstly it enables you to document all business processes and collectively refer to these via its collaboration module. Hence all in the organization view have the ability to view the processes whilst process-editing rights remain with the process excellence team. The PRIME Analyser measures process efficiency and compares your organizational efficiency to industry standards. In addition, the PRIME Analyser finds opportunities to reduce waste by way of process cost and process time calculations. That is, establish what a process costs to undertake and establish the time it takes to complete a process. This also helps you find out any issues existing with the processes, the root cause (RCA) of them and the ability to make improvement suggestions. An important component of Operational Excellence is optimising the value for the customer. That is, does the customer receive value from the organization? By a click of a button, the PRIME Analyser highlights the value adding tasks within processes. Enabling you to easily identify which tasks add value to the customer, which add value to the business and which tasks do not add any value at all. Perform value analysis on your current business process and on the future state process, hence showing you which future state process would deliver the most process efficiency, customer value creation and overall business growth. With the process simulation functionality in PRIME you can plan your future state process, listing the actions you need to take to achieve operational excellence. Using the What-If and Impact Analysis function, you can also see which improvement scenario is the most beneficial and which gives the best return on investment. Achieve Operational Excellence with PRIME.


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