PROCESS TRANSPARENCY – Invaluable Visibility

An organization consists of a number of interlinked business processes. Most processes are intangible hence we are unable to clearly see them. To see how the organization operates or how it is in fact “strung together”. Process transparency refers to the ability to look inside. The “look inside” provides an in-depth and clear visibility into the business processes and how these operate.

Process transparency has a number of benefits. Firstly, knowing in detail how the organization operates facilitates better decision-making. Make accurate business decisions, based on business data that is readily available. As a result, decisions are fact based, not assumption based. Hence, make decisions such as investment decisions for business improvements with more certainty.

Secondly, with process transparency, process problems are easily identifiable. An end-to-end view of a process enables an Analyst to easily pin point the process problem. In addition, the process information and details of the process problem are easily shared with others and discussed for resolution. Hence, a collaborative approach to identify the right improvement decision. As a result, advise stakeholders early of the up coming process changes and the reason for the change.

PRIME Overview

Process Transparency with PRIME BPM

PRIME BPM enables you to document and centrally store all your process information. In addition to the process map, it records additional process attributes such a business rules, task details, RACI and muchmore. It produces standard operating procedures and even the waste that exists within the process. Through the collaboration portal, all staff can view this information and provide input to better performance ideas. PRIME BPM also provides a real time view of how a process is performing as per the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In addition, PRIME BPM also helps you integrate KPIs with real time process performance data. This helps organizations track if a process is performing as per the set KPIs and trigger notifications. That is in case the process fails to achieve its KPIs. This functionality provides you real time process transparency. Find out more about PRIME BPM This all aids for a smooth business transition – hence easier change management. More than just a BPMN tool, PRIME has many other features, learn more…


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