Process Monitoring – With PRIME BPM

Process monitoring is a critical aspect of business process management. The methodology of BPM enables you to map, analyse, improve and monitor your business processes. However, it is dependent on the Analysts’ skills within the analysis phase, how well the Analyst can analyse the business process. This is a risk factor you definitely want to close out. PRIME makes process monitoring much straight forward by automating the analysis and measurement process. With a multidimensional analytical engine that actually analyses processes and measures process performance, PRIME make process monitoring a breeze.
Process Monitoring

“We found PRIME to be an extremely professional,
reliable and highly skilled organization.”

Phillip Barker

Director (Rail Safety Regulation), TMR

Process Analysis

Firstly, PRIME’s analytical engine analyses the value of tasks within the business process. Secondly, it analyses efficiency of the process cycle. PRIME does this by creating the process map and capturing further attributes against the process map; such as what are the key performance indicators (KPIs), who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed (RACI Chart), the business rules governing the processes etc.; PRIME will show in graphical format how the process is performing. Process monitoring takes into account the cost, time and value associated with the process.

Process Monitoring

Through value analysis, PRIME shows you if the current process is adding value to the customer or is it adding value to the business. Or is it a completely non-value adding activity. This gives you control to remove tasks that add no value and change tasks to achieve your objectives. PRIME also shows you what is the execution and delay time as well as what is the execution and delay cost for a process. Efficient process monitoring involves undertaking excellent analysis work. It enables you to make the right decision about business improvement – hence achieving the true benefit of process performance. Improvement decisions based on facts and figures, rather than guesswork or decisions influenced by opinion, delivers true process performance.


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