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Take your customer experience to the next level with PRIME BPM. From removing delays to improving complaint resolution, optimise your customer service journey across touchpoints.


Given the emergence of digital technologies, customer expectations are evolving rapidly. It’s imperative for organisations to keep pace with the ever-evolving expectations to maintain their market position and ensure profitability. As per industry reports, 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience, report an increase in their revenue. However, organisations often struggle with how, when and where to target their customer service improvement initiative. With PRIME BPM, easily review all the touchpoints across the customer journey and identify specific areas you need to focus on to improve customer service. Further, as it is difficult to continually source new customers, customer retention is key. Establish top-of-the-line process documentation to retain customers with PRIME BPM.


Analyse Low-Rating Customer Service Processes

With PRIME Analyser, identify and analyse high-volume, high-frequency customer processes that rate low on customer satisfaction. This analysis quickly helps you identify specific issues within these processes which lead to low ratings. See immediate results and increase customer satisfaction by fixing these pain-points. Use this analysis to create your business strategy for improving customer services.

Remove Delays with Value Analysis

Automatically get key insights on tasks in the process that do not add value and lead to delay time in servicing the customer with the inbuilt analytical engine. Eliminating these non-value adding activities, such as repetitive tasks, double handling, etc., will help you fix the time lag in customer service.

Ensure Customer Retention with Central Repository

Enable staff to effectively resolve customer complaints with a centrally located process repository. The comprehensive process documentation, which clearly shows the interaction between information systems and processes, is available to staff from any web-enabled device, empowering them to quickly address customer queries and issues.

Build a Successful Digital Customer Service Strategy

With just a click, identify high-frequency, high-volume processes that have high customer service response times. Analyse information-intensive, manual tasks within the process that result in delays/ lags in the process. Use these insights to identify which tasks are structured to be digitised and will result in significant reduction in customer service time. Simulate the ‘to-be’ digitalised process and create as many future state scenarios as required to ensure the best output.

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