Customer Service


If you don’t take care of your customers somebody else will – A common saying. A customer does not only buy a product, the customer assumes customer service is also part of the purchase price.

In addition, customer retention is key, as it is very costly to continually source new customers.

89% of consumers stopped doing business with an organization after bad customer service. As it is very costly to continually source new customers, customer retention is key. Therefore, to retain customers, you must make a lasting impression on your customer.

Bad customer service is usually the result of an inability by staff to resolve a customer problem. The inability to solve the problem is frequently due to: 

  • Staff not knowing the process to solve the problem
  • Broken business processes to solve the problem
  • Disconnected information systems

The key to good customer service lies in establishing up to date process documentation. This process documentation must also be accessible by all and show the interaction between information systems and processes.

PRIME Overview


“We found PRIME to be an extremely professional,
reliable and highly skilled organization.”

Phillip Barker

Director (Rail Safety Regulation), TMR

How PRIME Improves Customer Service

The PRIME suite provides all the tools to establish and continuously improve your customer service. PRIME enables you to easily document your processes. Each process map shows the touch points with external parties (i.e. customers) and systems. In addition, it shows the connections that exist between the business process and its preceding and succeeding processes. This ensures that there are no broken processes. Quickly identify the customer service processes that rate low on customer satisfaction. PRIME analyses your processes to identify high volume, high frequency processes and which have low customer satisfaction ratings. This is important information as it enables you to quickly resolve these issues. All process information is centrally located in PRIME’s process repository. Staff can access this information from any web-enabled device. They are also able to provide process improvement suggestions via PRIME’ s collaboration portal. In addition, PRIME records additional information to perform value analysis. That is, which tasks in the process add value to the customer, or business or do not add value at all. PRIME Analyzer also helps you identify the delay time associated with servicing your customer. Subsequently, use the PRIME Improver to remove non-value adding activities to reduce delay time. As a result improve the customer experience even further. Improve your customers’ experience today with PRIME.


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