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With PRIME BPM, easily manage business restructuring by identifying where to start, analysing organisation-wide impact before the actual implementation, and more.


From evolving business conditions, shifting consumer expectations, mergers and acquisitions to incorporating new technologies, there are many factors that make corporate restructuring necessary. While it enables companies to make better use of talent, reduce cost, focus on key products and services, restructuring comes with its fair share of challenges. From understanding the impact of restructuring on the interlinked processes to achieving process standardisation, with PRIME BPM’s powerful functionalities, ensure smooth and seamless business restructuring.


Identify Gaps in the Organisational Structure

Understanding the current organisation’s strengths and inefficiencies, is the key starting point to an effective restructuring plan. With PRIME BPM, easily map and analyse your as-is business processes within minutes. This will point you to the bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the processes and enable you to target your restructuring initiative.

Understand Impact on the Interlinked Processes

With the Impact analysis feature, gain visibility on how processes across departments interlink to understand the trickle-down effect of the restructuring initiative. This will help you understand the impact in terms of organisation-wide aspect and you can avoid any interruption. This also gives clarity in terms of the impact and benefits of the technology implementation/software upgrade before committing to the change.

Standardise Processes in Mergers and Acquisitions

Business restructuring due to mergers and acquisitions is a complex exercise as a significant amount of work needs to be done before calling the new company a single entity. Get post-merger integration and standardisation right with PRIME BPM. Compare the similar processes of the two organisations with the analyser module, and understand process efficiency, cost and value. Use these insights to identify which process is more efficient and reach the most cost-effective ways of doing things.

Monitor Implementation

Ensure that the restructuring project is on track by creating and assigning tasks through a single restructuring tool. Easily track implementation progress with real-time information on the percentage completion per task and check its status: completed, in progress, rejected or approved.

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