The business environment is changing so fast! To stay competitive, or even just to survive, organizations are regularly undertaking business transformation.

Business transformation is a holistic approach – an activity that affects the whole organization. Such activities may be business process outsourcing, the implementation of enterprise software or mergers and acquisitions.

Further more, these activities rarely come one at a time or only once. Hence change in the organization has become a part of daily life.

Reach the maximum value of business process transformation by transforming the business strategy, business function and business processes. It does sound easy, as there are only three points to address. However, this is the helicopter view and we all know that the devil lies in the detail.

When peeling back the first layer of these three elements, we find that achieving success depends on the alignment of people, processes and technology against the corporate goals. Understand these in depth to align these. Furthermore, share this information. Share this to select the right transformation activity and to communicate the impact of the change to the wider organization.

BPM Methodology

“I specifically found the PRIME© (Process In a Managed Environment) methodology highly practical,
logical and results driven. It is a methodology that can be applied immediately after learning.”

Sam Barrett
Head of Business Process Services at BOQ

Business Transformation with PRIME

The PRIME Suite is accessible organization wide and provides a multidimensional. This is multidimensional view is achieved by connecting together people, processes, technology, business rules, compliances, risk and many other organizational attributes. In particular the PRIME Modeller enables you to create process maps, which can be easily analysed to select the right business transformation activity. It provides the ability to record and view the interaction between roles in the organization, tasks, documents and systems. Share these via the PRIME collaboration portal and centrally maintain feedback provided. Hence, make the right transformation decisions and manage the change. Extend into the PRIME Analyser and gain visibility into time, cost and efficiency of doing business. Find out the value to the customer of your organization’s actions and identify the non-value added tasks. That is, identify waste in your organization. Be truly informed so you can make the right business transformation decisions. PRIME Analyser has many more features that will assist in Business Transformation. In summary, you have achieved visibility into your organization by using the PRIME Modeller. You have gained the hard facts and figures from PRIME’s Analyser to select the right Business Transformation route, dive into the PRIME Improver to test the change before implementing. …With its simulation feature, you can perform What-If analysis and Impact Analysis. Here you can simulate future state processes, to assess if the proposed Business Transformation is the right move! PRIME Improver has many other features to assist in business transformation, including the ability to track and manage the completion of activities to transform the business. In addition, through real-time KPI integration, you can track if the transformation was successful. Learn more about the PRIME Improver features here. Get on the road to business transformation – Access your PRIME 30-day free trial today.


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