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With PRIME BPM, reach the maximum value of business process transformation by aligning people, processes and technology against the corporate goals.


The business environment is changing so fast! To stay competitive, or even just to survive, organisations are regularly undertaking business transformation. Business transformation is a holistic approach – an activity that affects the whole organisation. Such activities may be business process outsourcing, the implementation of enterprise software or mergers and acquisitions. A business transformation tool that can effectively align people, processes and technology against the corporate goals proves extremely helpful. With PRIME BPM, gain an organisation-wide, multidimensional view to select the right business transformation activity and ensure the best outcome.


Power Decision-Making with Complete Visibility

Easily create end-to-end ‘as-is’ business process maps for each process in the organisation. Gain a multidimensional view by connecting together people, processes, technology, business rules, compliances, risks and many other organisational attributes. With a click of a button, analyse them to identify bottlenecks and lags in the process. Use this information to identify key areas to target the business transformation strategy.

Select the Right Business Transformation Route

Using PRIME Analyser, gain visibility into time, cost and efficiency of doing business. Find out the value of your organisation’s actions to the customers and identify the non-value-adding tasks. Further, with PRIME Automate, get real-time statistical data, such as execution time, delay time and cycle time for every single task within the automated process. With these hard facts and figures, make the right business transformation decisions.

Simulate and Forecast Transformation Output

Simulate future state processes, to assess if the proposed Business Transformation is the right move. Carry out impact analysis with a simple click, to analyse the impact of the transformation initiative on process/ tasks, systems, roles and documents. Create as many what-if scenarios as required to identify how the change will impact your organisational goals. These key insights will help you to support or deny the change initiative.

Track Process Improvement

Approve and assign improvement tasks to users from a central place. Track and manage the completion of improvement activities to transform the business. Get real-time information on the percentage completion per improvement and check its status: completed, in progress, rejected or approved. Further, with KPI integration, assess the success of the initiative.

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