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Create, share and effectively utilise corporate knowledge with PRIME BPM.


Management of knowledge—the process of creating, sharing and retaining organisational knowledge and information—is one of the prime concerns of almost every manager. With the key questions being where the information is created, where it is stored, is it accessible by all who need it. A knowledge management strategy has become a necessity for businesses due to two-fold concerns. Today, more knowledge workers are in the workforce than ever before. Hence, the value of information and the risk of losing it are higher. Secondly, generation Y and millennials have a higher job-hopping rate. Both points increase the frequency of organisational exits and the risk of knowledge loss, making it necessary to utilise knowledge management tools. Establish a centralised process repository and share corporate knowledge across your organisation with PRIME BPM.

Achieve Knowledge Management with PRIME BPM

End-to-End Process Maps

Create consistent and standardised process maps without any expertise. Clearly document process knowledge with detailed maps that include information on: the tasks that make up the process, who does the task, procedures of the task and the documents and systems used.

Record Process Attributes

Gain a 3D view and gather complete knowledge about the processes with the ability to record Business Rules, KPIs, Text descriptions, Roles (using the inbuilt role repository), Documents (using the inbuilt document repository) and RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) charts.

Easy and Secure Access to Information

Access all your process maps and information from a single place through an integrated process repository within the PRIME BPM software for knowledge management. Easily capture step-by-step work instruction against each task with system screenshots using an inbuilt Standard Operating Procedure template to ensure effective information sharing, employee training and knowledge retention.

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